Tiffany Jean. McCrabb

Tiffany Jean McCrabb, APRN, CNP, AE-C

  • Pediatric Pulmonary Diseases
4.9 / 5475 Ratings106 Comments

“I enjoy empowering children with asthma to live their lives to the fullest without limitations by their disease.”

general information

OU Children's Physicians Building
Pulmonology & Cystic Fibrosis – Suite 9A
1200 Children's Ave.
Oklahoma City, OK 73104
American Academy of Nurse Practitioners Certification Board
National Asthma Educator Certification Board
Medical School
University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center
Areas of Expertise
Asthma Education

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Patient Rating

4.9 / 5475 Ratings106 Comments

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Patient Comments

Very friendly, very intelligent and confident

OU Physicians Patient Jul 21, 2020

I missed the for a video appointment. It went well w Tiffany

OU Physicians Patient Jul 17, 2020

She's always pleasant to the entire family, she talks directly to our son and make sure he understands about his condition and what to do when he has an attack. She asks about his life outside of being her patient and we appreciate that wholeheartedly because you just don't get that anymore.

OU Physicians Patient Jul 15, 2020

Tiffany is always thorough. She invites the patient to interact in the visit as well as the parents. She takes the time to teach them about their asthma and treatment plan.

OU Physicians Patient Jul 8, 2020

They were very attentive and we're straight to the point.

OU Physicians Patient Jul 6, 2020

We have been coming there for a while now. Tiffany will be missed very much as she was just like family that cares when it comes to our sons health. We are very sad to see her go but excited for her new adventures. ??????

OU Physicians Patient Jun 30, 2020

Her doctor has always been awesome!

OU Physicians Patient Jun 24, 2020

I'm sad to see her move positions. She was a great provider for the past 9 years. My son loves her.

OU Physicians Patient Jun 24, 2020

I love how the doctor treats me. She addresses all of my concerns. Thank you very much. The doctor is lovely.

OU Physicians Patient Jun 17, 2020

She is very kind, helpful and very patient with my children. Very good doctor.

OU Physicians Patient Jun 15, 2020

Tiffany has seen my son for about 7 years and has always done a wonderful job listening and explaining.

OU Physicians Patient May 29, 2020

Tiffany is such a great doctor. She understands youth and interacts well with my daughter. She is extremely knowledgeable and makes sure all our questions are answered.

OU Physicians Patient May 27, 2020

She is a very loveable women whom we all adore she is honest with you on all situations when it comes to your child she's always on top of everything no matter how many people she deal with she stays on top love this woman to death thank you for allowing her to work with my child but so many years she's like family to us

OU Physicians Patient Feb 4, 2020

Very knowledgeable and always seems concerned about my sons care.

OU Physicians Patient Jan 13, 2020

Tiffany goes above and beyond. Great doctor!

OU Physicians Patient Jan 8, 2020

Tiffany has always been so awesome with my son.

OU Physicians Patient Dec 23, 2019

The physician was very wonderful and understanding which my daughter and her positive attitude and optimism made the appointment very stress free. I feel like a left with the best information on my daughters condition and am so grateful.

OU Physicians Patient Dec 13, 2019

She thoroughly asked about our child's health background and explained our child's treatment plan in great detail. We look forward to her getting our child on track and better.

OU Physicians Patient Dec 12, 2019

Tiffany McCrabb goes out of her way to make sure my son is taken care of

OU Physicians Patient Dec 12, 2019

She is great!

OU Physicians Patient Dec 10, 2019

Love it

OU Physicians Patient Dec 2, 2019

Tiffany is very thorough in her appointments. She puts forth genuine effort to involve kids in their health and to understand them, too.

OU Physicians Patient Nov 26, 2019

Tiffany asks questions, listens, and informs. She is excellent with my daughter and getting on her level. We have been seeing Tiffany for two or three years and my daughters health keeps improving. That's worth it's weight I gold!! We are having more sleep filled nights, more activities outside, and less worry. Thank you Tiffany.

OU Physicians Patient Oct 28, 2019

Very attentive and very professional. I love your service!! THANK YOU!!

OU Physicians Patient Oct 23, 2019

I was made to feel like we were the only patients she had

OU Physicians Patient Oct 22, 2019

She has great bed side manners.

OU Physicians Patient Oct 14, 2019

This was an urgent visit. Tiffany and staff accomodated us in the BEST way.

OU Physicians Patient Oct 14, 2019

I can't say enough about the OU childrens medical center. They are outstanding. They listen and help so much with my sons asthma. Tiffany is always awesome. She liste s and provides great feedback. They turned my sons asthma around and saved my sons life.

OU Physicians Patient Sep 10, 2019

I love her she is amazing!

OU Physicians Patient Aug 26, 2019

We have always. Had excellent service at this provider. A+++

OU Physicians Patient Aug 20, 2019

I've been trying to get in touch with the provider, but haven't been able to.

OU Physicians Patient Aug 20, 2019

She is the best provider we have ever seen. She really went above and beyond by getting us seen quickly as well as contactinf me over the weekwnd to check on my daughter and to put in a prescription for her. She is amazing.

OU Physicians Patient Aug 16, 2019

Tiffany is awesome!! My kids look forward to seeing her and her staff! She is always available in urgent situations and is definitely the expert on asthma care.

OU Physicians Patient Aug 13, 2019

Tiffany McCrabb is amazing! We are so happy our son is under her care.

OU Physicians Patient Aug 2, 2019

Great appointment. All of the staff was really friendly and helpful.

OU Physicians Patient Jul 31, 2019

Excellent doctor

OU Physicians Patient Jul 30, 2019

Tiffany is the best professional I have ever encountered

OU Physicians Patient Jul 23, 2019

Tiffany has always been so helpful in fully explaining what the issue is and what's probably causing it in great detail. She has always been very deliberate in making sure we understand what's happening with our daughter specifically and how the medication will help. We love her!

OU Physicians Patient Jul 12, 2019

She is awesome

OU Physicians Patient Jul 10, 2019

Dr. McCrabb took testing a step further that revealed there was a problem with my child's lungs. She is on a treatment plan now.

OU Physicians Patient Jul 5, 2019

She is a very kind doctor and a very good person.

OU Physicians Patient Jun 25, 2019

We love Tiffany! She is very personable and takes her time to insure both my daughter and I understand what is going on with her asthma.

OU Physicians Patient Jun 25, 2019

She was a really great doctor, very personable. She's really great talking and interacting with children. She would have gotten a 10 out of 10 from me but now I would give her a 15 out of 20. Because she went above and beyond by personally typing up a specifically worded document for our AFLAC insurance. It was just a small act but it spoke volumes. I believe she truly cares deeply for each of her patients.

OU Physicians Patient May 31, 2019

She seemed very attentive and listened to our concerns and was ready to help us get to the root of our health concerns.

OU Physicians Patient May 30, 2019

We had to wait an hour once we were in the room for the provided to see us. No once came in to explain or apologized. It was disappointing.

OU Physicians Patient May 28, 2019

Tiffany is proficient at helping kid patients see their asthma & protocol as ways to stay healthy vs. as impediments to life. She is a great provider!!

OU Physicians Patient May 28, 2019

Am very please with my son doctor

OU Physicians Patient May 22, 2019

Very friendly, and my daughter goes there happily! Thank you!

OU Physicians Patient Apr 23, 2019

We love Tiffany!!

OU Physicians Patient Apr 22, 2019

Children's Hospital providers are some of the best.

OU Physicians Patient Apr 17, 2019

We have been coming for over 10 years now and even after moving away from the area we make the long drive to come back because we love how well our son has been taken care of. We never feel rushed and always feel like we are listened to and taken serious. We will stay here until he is too old to come anymore.

OU Physicians Patient Apr 15, 2019

She did a great job explaining everything to us

OU Physicians Patient Apr 4, 2019

I love that she was really concerned with my son's health

OU Physicians Patient Mar 25, 2019

She always goes above and beyond to answer my questions and my child's no matter what they are or about. She takes her time and never makes ya feel like she is rushed or doesn't have time to hear your concerns. We love her and think she us the best!!

OU Physicians Patient Mar 25, 2019

She's AMAZING! We love her! Always enjoy coming back for follow ups!

OU Physicians Patient Mar 15, 2019

Tiffany is simply the best. She listens and she educates. Doesn't just give you medicine and send you on your way. She teaches you and explains everything. She is wonderful.

OU Physicians Patient Mar 6, 2019

That she is a very good doctor and I trust her with my son's health.

OU Physicians Patient Jan 30, 2019

Tiffany is one of the best providers that our daughter has ever seen. We have seen a lot of specialist here at OU and outside of OU and she is one of our favorites. She is with out a doubt irreplaceable!

OU Physicians Patient Dec 21, 2018

I have enjoyed all of the care that we have received in this office. It would be AWESOME if you guys would come to the consulting physicians clinic in Stillwater!

OU Physicians Patient Nov 19, 2018

I recommend this clinic and Tiffany to anyone that is needing pediatric pulmonology

OU Physicians Patient Jul 30, 2018

as I mom I love seeing Tiffany McCrabb for my boys asthma and allergy stuff. she is awesome as a provider and has worked well with us for years. praying she never leaves OU

OU Physicians Patient Jun 20, 2018

Tiffany is great! My daughter enjoys her as well as I do.

OU Physicians Patient Feb 19, 2018

Tiffany is the best!! I cannot imagine ________ going anywhere else for her pulmonary care

OU Physicians Patient Feb 19, 2018

Tiffany was AMAZING with my daughter. Moving and having to change providers is a stressful experience. She made this transition very smooth.

OU Physicians Patient Feb 15, 2018

Everyone is Great at the Pulmonary Clinic...My daughter has been going there since March 2007..we are very Grateful for Dr Mehdi and Dr Tiffany

OU Physicians Patient Jan 9, 2018

Amazing provider!!

OU Physicians Patient Nov 16, 2017

Tiffany is wonderful!

OU Physicians Patient Oct 31, 2017

I tried explaining to her my concerns and it was like my views wasn't heard at all. and felt disrespected nor any of my concerns was taking into consideration.

OU Physicians Patient Oct 24, 2017

My husband and I both have advanced degrees so we understand the topics she brought up and were able to participate in the dialogue. I worry for other patients that do not have the same dialect and are not able to articulate questions on their own. Vocab could be toned down some.

OU Physicians Patient Aug 24, 2017

we love Tiffany and feel like she is great with us and most importantly my child

OU Physicians Patient Aug 21, 2017

wonderful helpful family!

OU Physicians Patient Mar 22, 2017

She is amazing. She's great at helping us work thru asthma issues.

OU Physicians Patient Mar 20, 2017

Best doctors visit ever! She was so great!

OU Physicians Patient Mar 2, 2017

my child and i love the care care of the stuff

OU Physicians Patient Feb 21, 2017

she is very rude and condescending made me feel worthless

OU Physicians Patient Feb 8, 2017

I'm always included in discussion of treatment options. Tiffany is always concerned and listens to every word we say.

OU Physicians Patient Feb 1, 2017

I would always recommend this office

OU Physicians Patient Jan 27, 2017

Tiffany Mccrab is awesome!!! we love her!

OU Physicians Patient Dec 14, 2016

Very Good experience!

OU Physicians Patient Dec 9, 2016

Thus is the first time we have visited this provider, and I couldn't be happier. And we look forward to the next appointment and working with your staff.

OU Physicians Patient Oct 27, 2016

Tiffany is a wonderful person.

OU Physicians Patient Oct 26, 2016

We love Dr. McCrabb, she is down to earth and wants to know about my child's activities.

OU Physicians Patient Oct 26, 2016

Tiffany Mccrabb is an AMAZING provider. She truly cares about her patients and always puts our minds at ease. She is the best provider we have ever seen.

OU Physicians Patient Sep 21, 2016

I'm very pleased with the medical care and concern for my child. I always recommend the clinic to others because of the great services provided.

OU Physicians Patient Aug 23, 2016

We love Tiffany and she is great with ____. We are VERY happy with the care _____ receives and could not be more satisfied with our provider.

OU Physicians Patient Aug 10, 2016

This is my first time ever responding to any review/survey & the only reason I'm doing it is because I really want you all to know Tiffany McCrab is the most wonderful Dr. I've ever had! Just saying hello to her when she first walks in the room puts a huge smile on both me & my daughter! Not only does she make my 6yr old feel so at ease but she always takes the time to talk me about what's going in her life and she makes sure that all of my questions are answered.I've never Ever had such a nice, caring, & wonderful Dr.

OU Physicians Patient Aug 2, 2016

She was SOOOOO helpful!!! I was a little hesitant about trying a new medication but she listened to my concerns and talked me through the way we were currently handling the situation was obviously not working. I also have a plan to put into place when we have another asthma attack and know just what to do. I feel so much better and she never made me feel like an idiot, but just listened and carefully explained it all to me. I LOVED HER!!!

OU Physicians Patient Jun 3, 2016

Tiffany is a wonderful person! She has a very big heart and she truly cares about her patients. We also see Dr. Mehdi sometimes and she is also wonderful and very knowledgeable. This clinic has the best providers that we have ever seen and an amazing staff.

OU Physicians Patient May 4, 2016

I never dreamed this treatment existed at a doctors office :) So glad it does.

OU Physicians Patient Apr 18, 2016

Best provider I will have every encounter with. She is Awesome... She take her to explain, she listen and compassionate. I wish it was more people like her around..

OU Physicians Patient Mar 31, 2016

Tiffany is one of the best providers we have ever seen :). She always is very caring and kind. She also is very knowledgable about my daughter and her needs.

OU Physicians Patient Feb 9, 2016

Tiffany explained and demonstrated ___'s inhaler very well.

OU Physicians Patient Jan 7, 2016

I have recommended this provider to several people I know. The treatment plans they put us on saved my childs life!

OU Physicians Patient Dec 1, 2015

My daughter really likes her provider. She has a daughter the same age as mine so it makes it easier for my daughter to be comfortable with her.

OU Physicians Patient Nov 11, 2015

Tiffany may be the first "Dr. office " we've been to that he actually hasn't had a panic attack.. he absolutely loves her as do I!!!!!!!!

OU Physicians Patient Oct 27, 2015

Tiffany was excellent. She explained things well and was great with my child. we had no wait time in the room because she was right there

OU Physicians Patient Sep 14, 2015

I loved Tiffany, she sat with us for quite awhile and discussed all of ____'s symptoms and ways that we could hopefully control her asthma better. I felt confident in Tiffany's knowledge of the diagnosis and trust my daughter's care to her. I started ____'s care at ______ in Texas and was not pleased with the care we received there. I made the change to OU Children's and have had nothing, but the best of care from the physician's/staff there. I know that OU Children's is the best choice for my family and recommend them to any parent that I can.

OU Physicians Patient Sep 10, 2015

We have always had a great experience in this clinic. All of the providers that we have seen have been wonderful and seem like they really care about my child. They also make it really easy for her to want to come and see them. She isn't scared to visit this clinic.

OU Physicians Patient Jun 24, 2015

She always discusses things with us extremely well. She spends a lot of time asking questions and giving information and never makes us feel rushed at all. We always feel like she knows us and cares about us. Love having her as our son's provider.

OU Physicians Patient May 26, 2015

We were a little late to the appointment because of traffic and construction. The staff was understanding, and we were still able to see Tiffany. She is very pleasant and great with children.

OU Physicians Patient Apr 21, 2015

Dr. McNabb was far more thorough than any other doctor that has ever treated my son. She seemed to have a genuine concern for his health and getting his asthma under control.

OU Physicians Patient Apr 16, 2015

Wonderful everyone is just great

OU Physicians Patient Apr 7, 2015

As I said before we love Tiffany McCrabb, she is very good and very considerate

OU Physicians Patient Apr 7, 2015

would recommend any one to go to this clinic, its wonderful and so is the staff

OU Physicians Patient Apr 7, 2015

ARNP McCrabb was amazing! I look forward to having her care for my son and am confident she will make every effort to give us answers and develop a care plan that works for our son.

OU Physicians Patient Mar 27, 2015

She made sure she called me (mom) after I had to leave my son with his dad because I had an appointment somewhere else. She knew I would want to know details too even though she had already given them to my husband.

OU Physicians Patient Mar 12, 2015