Suhair Maqusi

Suhair Maqusi, MD

  • Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery
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  • Hand Surgery
4.6 / 5502 Ratings107 Comments

general information

OU Physicians Building
Plastic Surgery – Suite 1G
825 N.E. 10th St.
Oklahoma City, OK 73104
American Board of Surgery
American Board of Plastic Surgery
Sub-Specialty Certification
Surgery of the hand
Kleinert and Kutz Institute
University of Illinois at Chicago; Henry Ford Hospital
Medical School
Texas Tech University School of Medicine
Areas of Expertise
Plastic surgery
General surgery
Hand surgery
Languages Spoken

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Patient Rating

4.6 / 5502 Ratings107 Comments

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Patient Comments

Disappointed that after we waited longer than 2 hours to see provider, Dr. Maqusi entered without apologizing or even acknowledging the long delay.

OU Physicians Patient Oct 8, 2019

nice,profecional,very informat,Careing

OU Physicians Patient Oct 4, 2019

The doctor made me feel very comfortable with the treatment plan and expected results.

OU Physicians Patient Oct 3, 2019

Dr Maqusi and her nurse Darla were fantastic

OU Physicians Patient Oct 3, 2019

I liked her a lot! The wait in the waiting room was pretty long though.

OU Physicians Patient Sep 26, 2019

I highly recommend Dr Maqusi.

OU Physicians Patient Sep 26, 2019

While she was pleasant, and accomodating, she seemed rushed. I realize they are extremely busy, however, I would have liked a little more as this was the first time I met with her, and she was going to perform my surgery. Again, she was very accomodating, I was nervous, slightly anxious as this has been a difficult tine for me. I do appreciate her professionalism and her willingness to schedule my surgery quickly. Thank you.

OU Physicians Patient Sep 26, 2019

Dr M. is a wonderful doctor. But she needs help. When I arrived for my 11:45am appt, the waiting room was packed. People were standing in the hall waiting for their appts. I waited 3 hours to see the doctor. She was doing the best she could to see patients and give them the necessary attention, but she needs help to see all these patients. Also, she needs a larger waiting room. People should not be waiting in the hall for their appts. AS I said, Dr. M is the best, but how can she be expected to see all these patients, perform surgeries, and be on call? She doesn't have time to eat lunch or take a break. Please get her some help!

OU Physicians Patient Sep 12, 2019

Been very busy office lately. Making all my appointments before noon now and it's better.

OU Physicians Patient Sep 12, 2019

Dr. Maqusi is knowledgeable and makes it very easy to discuss my medical issues.

OU Physicians Patient Sep 12, 2019

Very patient and pleasant staff!! Dr Maqusi was very professional and caring and sat with us so we could voice our questions and concerns. Very much recommend her office. Only thing is need a bigger waiting room.

OU Physicians Patient Sep 12, 2019

Fixed my arm and cared about my health

OU Physicians Patient Sep 12, 2019

Runs late

OU Physicians Patient Sep 5, 2019

She's fantastic.

OU Physicians Patient Aug 15, 2019

The appointment for my surgery was completely wronf

OU Physicians Patient Aug 15, 2019

The provider was great at understanding and very real about everything. I loved how she listened and gave me ideas on how to go about what I want to do.

OU Physicians Patient Aug 15, 2019

Very thorough and helpful.

OU Physicians Patient Aug 15, 2019

She is absolutely fantastic and has a great bedside manner as do all her colleagues.

OU Physicians Patient Aug 8, 2019

My appointment was for 11 AM. I got there at 10:45 AM as requested by the doctors office. The doctor finally saw me at 1:10 PM. There was never any explanation why I had to wait over two hours. The last appointment I had I had to wait for over an hour. Why is this happening?

OU Physicians Patient Aug 8, 2019

Very patient and thorough with her explanations. Great bedside manners.

OU Physicians Patient Aug 1, 2019

Professional, confident and easy to talk to

OU Physicians Patient Jul 22, 2019

She was very helpful she listened really well answered my questions, very nice, cared about figuring out what to do right for my body, caring about that i would be happy with this.

OU Physicians Patient Jul 22, 2019

I have met with four similar physicians which have all ended with dismal results. I am overwhelmed with the professionalism of the office personnel, physician, concern for my private information, and respect for my situation. This is a remarkable office.

OU Physicians Patient Jul 18, 2019

Dr. Maqusi was extremely nice and listened to my concerns before she explained things. I felt seen, heard, and respected when she spoke to me and I would recommend her family and friends time and time again.

OU Physicians Patient Jul 18, 2019

She is wonderful she takes in to consideration my long drive to see her and is always personable and caring and I have a lot of questions .

OU Physicians Patient Jul 16, 2019

She is very kind and caring. She really listens and addresses your concerns.

OU Physicians Patient Jul 11, 2019

The wait time was absolutely ridiculous!!! I understand situations occur, but at least come and talk to the ones in the waiting area. I arrived at my 12-noon appointment at 11:30am and wasn't seen until 1:30pm. Atleast the staff could have told us she was running behind schedule. Communication is key!

OU Physicians Patient Jul 11, 2019

Very bright woman. Extremely helpful and knowledgeable and I would recommend her to anyone going through what I'm going through right now.

OU Physicians Patient Jul 8, 2019

Continues helping me look normal again as before cancer.

OU Physicians Patient Jul 3, 2019

This doctor made us feel unwelcomed to her practice. Made my daughter and I both feel like we were a bother to her for the day. We had an appointment for 9:00 and wasn't seen until 10:40 approximately because no one had told the dr that she had patients scheduled. We felt rushed and have been told three different things about my daughters hand

OU Physicians Patient Jun 28, 2019

They treated us very well, thank you very much.

OU Physicians Patient Jun 5, 2019

The provider was running late which I definitely understand that's things happened but I felt like I waited for a little over an hour and the provider was only in the room with me for not more than 10 minutes. I left there with unanswered questions and unsure of what to do.

OU Physicians Patient Jun 5, 2019

Dr Maqusi is very very nice and a true professional. She always explained my treatments in detail especially before and after my surgeries. She has been a blessing to me!

OU Physicians Patient May 23, 2019

Round 2 procedure soon and I feel at ease with my doctor & looking forward to the results.

OU Physicians Patient May 23, 2019

The waiting was long in the lobby and in the room. I was the first appointment of the day and 2 patients that arrive after me were seen before me. The staff very nice and professional.

OU Physicians Patient May 23, 2019

Doctor Maqusi has an excellent bedside manner and listens carefully. I would recommend her to all seeking any plastic surgical procedures. I have asked doctor for referrals in the past and they too were fantastic. All her staff are courteous, helpful, and thorough.

OU Physicians Patient May 23, 2019

I trust her and her opinions of my health care!!!!

OU Physicians Patient May 23, 2019

Could never ask for better care or be in better hands with my treatment

OU Physicians Patient May 7, 2019

Wait time was horrific!!! Dr. office and X-ray computers did not sync on my information and X-ray had a terrible time getting my information.

OU Physicians Patient May 2, 2019

Very happy with provider! Glad to have a new doctor.

OU Physicians Patient May 2, 2019

Very easy to talk with.Put me at ease.

OU Physicians Patient Apr 30, 2019

Dr. Maqusi listened to my concerns and provided me options in repairing the issue. She could tell I was hesitant, I appreciate the guidance that she gave me during this appointment.

OU Physicians Patient Apr 25, 2019

Very compassionate caring Doctor .Glad she was selected for my Breast Cancer Team

OU Physicians Patient Apr 18, 2019

I waited almost 2 hours to see her :/

OU Physicians Patient Apr 18, 2019

Dr. Maqusi is very gentle and well informed, as well as easy to talk with. I love her manner. Equally important is the manner of her nurse staff, Melanie I think? The nurse is very knowledgable, clear, and descreet. 6/5 stars to both.

OU Physicians Patient Apr 11, 2019

Long waiting time in waiting room and long wait times in exam rooms before she shows up. I make an appointment to see the doctor but only the nurse shows up. Very limited on when you can schedule an appointment.

OU Physicians Patient Apr 11, 2019

Dr. Maqusi is the first surgeon willing to help me look natural again after cancer/radiation tx. I am very pleased with the results. Her staff shares her considerate nature as well. I give OU Outpatient Surgery clinic a 10 rating too!

OU Physicians Patient Apr 4, 2019

Very professional and caring. She listens to my concerns and have a very very good "bedside" manner. Always very proficient and doesn't try to brush you off or ignore any questions or concerns. Excellent doctor !

OU Physicians Patient Apr 4, 2019

Very friendly & helpful

OU Physicians Patient Apr 4, 2019

Very easy to talk to and listens to my comments and questions.

OU Physicians Patient Apr 3, 2019

Gave me maybe 5 mins of her time. Did not introduce herself nor did she address me by my name I didn't learn anything more about my injury than I already knew and I was very disappointed when I left that day.

OU Physicians Patient Mar 14, 2019

Everything went well & quickly with the staff.

OU Physicians Patient Feb 28, 2019

Very pleased

OU Physicians Patient Feb 28, 2019

The only complaint I have is with the nurses who put the IV in,it took three tries to get it in and now the area around my right thumb is numb. I'm hoping that the feeling comes back.

OU Physicians Patient Feb 21, 2019

That they treated us with a lot of quality.

OU Physicians Patient Feb 14, 2019

She took a good amount of time to examine and advise me of what we can do to help me look and feel natural again after 14 yrs.

OU Physicians Patient Feb 14, 2019

I was very pleased with the service that I received! The staff was very friendly and helpful.

OU Physicians Patient Jan 31, 2019

She is awesome .I been in a lot of pain and she fixed me right up.

OU Physicians Patient Jan 24, 2019

She is just my Cosmetic surgern

OU Physicians Patient Jan 10, 2019

I have recommended her to friends who are going through the same situation as I am. Dr. Maqusi is the best and I am fully confident with her as my provider.

OU Physicians Patient Dec 13, 2018

Dr Maqusi is very professional but easy to talk to about my medical treatment.

OU Physicians Patient Nov 1, 2018

I wish she would have made time for us to ask our questions once we were able to redress his wound and calm him down. We couldn't accomplish anything with him screaming in pain.

OU Physicians Patient Aug 23, 2018

When I discussed the adhesive allergy reaction I had following surgery, she blamed the nurses assisting in the surgery for not pointing it out to her, even though I'd talked with her minutes before entering surgery, and was wearing the adhesives bracelet, and it was written all over my chart. I was closed using steri-strips, which caused a nasty rash and blistering.

OU Physicians Patient Aug 16, 2018

I will recommend Dr. Maqusi to anyone in need of her services. She is compassionate, attentive, and genuinely cares for her patients. This was also discussed in the waiting area among other patients.

OU Physicians Patient Jun 28, 2018

excellent all the way around

OU Physicians Patient May 10, 2018

Dr. maquisi is the best. She was very attentive, listened to everything I had to say and never seemed in a hurry.

OU Physicians Patient Jan 25, 2018

Excellent doctor. She took her time and made my son very comfortable prior to the procedure. I highly recommend this doctor!

OU Physicians Patient Nov 27, 2017


OU Physicians Patient Nov 9, 2017

Dr Maqosi is incredible. Her honesty made my day.

OU Physicians Patient Oct 12, 2017

Doctor spent about 15 minutes with me after long wait.

OU Physicians Patient Aug 24, 2017


OU Physicians Patient Jul 6, 2017

Loved Dr. Maqusi

OU Physicians Patient May 11, 2017

Don't know enough about this provider to have any confidence in her one way or another, or to recommend her to anyone.

OU Physicians Patient Mar 23, 2017

Great staff!

OU Physicians Patient Mar 23, 2017

EVERYONE was wonderful during our visit

OU Physicians Patient Feb 23, 2017

staff was great

OU Physicians Patient Feb 9, 2017

I have actually already recommended the Doctor to someone.

OU Physicians Patient Feb 2, 2017

She did not suggest any follow up or tell me to call if I had any questions about my condition.

OU Physicians Patient Jan 26, 2017

I have only high praise regarding Dr. Maqusi's care to me.

OU Physicians Patient Jan 12, 2017

everything very professional

OU Physicians Patient Jan 5, 2017

The Dr was really nice and helpful. She listened to everything we had to say and seemed to care.

OU Physicians Patient Oct 6, 2016

Did not show much empathy concerning my health situation. Just didn't show much interest. She was going on vacation so her office made me an appointment with an associate.

OU Physicians Patient Sep 15, 2016

Dr Maquisi has been absolutely wonderful throughout my breast reconstruction. I feel she truly cares about me. I have talked to others about their experiences with other surgeons, and I am convinced I would not have been as satisfied with any other plastic surgeon.

OU Physicians Patient Jul 28, 2016

The staff used my name without being told making me feel very confident in their concern for my health

OU Physicians Patient Jul 7, 2016

She's a lovely person. Down to earth sort.

OU Physicians Patient Jun 23, 2016

She began by asking my current understanding of the situation; significantly reducing time spent on unnecessary explanation on her part. Completely preventing her from talking down to me, which I appreciate greatly.

OU Physicians Patient Jun 2, 2016

I just love Dr Maqusi. She has been there for me from the beginning. She has done 4 surgeries trying to get my flap to stay. She is great!

OU Physicians Patient May 26, 2016

I think she is a very good surgeon and have been pleased with results. It's just the office management that is below par.

OU Physicians Patient May 12, 2016

Dr Maqusi is a GREAT SURGEON!

OU Physicians Patient Apr 29, 2016

Dr Maqusi is wonderful. she has really taken excellent care of me. Just love her

OU Physicians Patient Apr 21, 2016

The doctor changed my muscle relaxer and did not inform me about the new medication.

OU Physicians Patient Mar 24, 2016

Dr. Maqusi felt I needed to be seen sooner than the next available appointment, so she made time to fit me in the next day. She was well focused on my concerns and made I understood all options. She made what would be a frightening experience very comfortable.

OU Physicians Patient Mar 18, 2016

The doctor was friendly, informative, honest and knowledgeable.

OU Physicians Patient Mar 17, 2016

I thought that our first meeting went well. I still have some questions to ask when I see her again

OU Physicians Patient Jan 14, 2016

Dr. Maqusi is the greatest. I appreciate her so much. I am here and alive today because of her. She is one of my favorite doctors. We love her so much.

OU Physicians Patient Jan 7, 2016

She does not like to explain things. Her answers to questions are very short and curt. She does not like to explain any options, but only states what she is going to do next. She seems intimidated when questions arise and does not want to "consult" but rather only "directs," without consulting me as the patient. I am very anxious for this relationship to be over.

OU Physicians Patient Dec 11, 2015

Doctors office was great from the start of my accident to my final release.

OU Physicians Patient Sep 24, 2015

Dr. Maqusi is always courteous and professional. she listens to our concerns and suggestions, and helps us make the right decisions concerning ____'s care. We absolutely trust her judgment.

OU Physicians Patient Sep 18, 2015

Good experience

OU Physicians Patient Sep 17, 2015

I understood clearly ever poorly chosen word she spoke.

OU Physicians Patient Sep 3, 2015

after I left the office, I thought of another question and was able to quickly see the doctor again.

OU Physicians Patient Aug 6, 2015

not pleased

OU Physicians Patient Jul 23, 2015

I could not ask for better treatment.

OU Physicians Patient May 14, 2015

Dr. Maqusi was very rude to my husband and me. I tried to introduce my husband to her but she just walked in front of him without acknowledging his presence. She appeared as if she was superior to me and acted as if I was some kind of moron. I called and talked to _____ about changing doctors for the reconstruction of my breasts. _____ informed me the doctors had an ethical understanding to not work with another doctor's patient. She stated she would talk with the office manager about my situation. I don't feel very confident nor do I trust her Dr. Maqusi with doing my surgery. Dr. _________ referred me to OU Physicians reporting the doctors there were excellent in providing the very best plastic surgery in the state of OK.

OU Physicians Patient May 14, 2015

The doctor has excellent bedside manner. She looked at his MRI, and explained what she found in great detail, and answered my many questions with kindness. Although we still aren't sure what we are dealing with 100%, I have confidence that she will do the research to find out. She not only did the exam, but also socialized with him, and applauded his newfound ability to walk. She is excellent all around!

OU Physicians Patient May 1, 2015

every body was great and patient

OU Physicians Patient Mar 26, 2015

Dr. Maqusi always listens to my concerns and completely puts my mind at ease before the end of my appointment every time. I wish I could see her for all my medical needs. She is an excellent doctor and has truly helped my husband and I every step of the way.

OU Physicians Patient Feb 12, 2015