Regina Clark

Regina Clark, ARNP

  • Pediatric Gastroenterology
4.8 / 5565 Ratings82 Comments

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OU Children's Physicians Building
Gastroenterology – Suite 9E
1200 Children's Ave.
Oklahoma City, OK 73104
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Patient Rating

4.8 / 5565 Ratings82 Comments

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Patient Comments

Dr. Regina Clark is amazing! As a parent, she puts you at ease with what is going on with your child. Listening and explaining the what, why and this is what we can do to make her better. Her visit is one that my daughter actually looks forward to.

OU Physicians Patient Jun 3, 2020

Amazing Provider! Always caring!

OU Physicians Patient Jun 2, 2020

She is always incredibly kind and listens to my daughter, as well as, us.

OU Physicians Patient Jan 22, 2020

She is very good with children!

OU Physicians Patient Jan 14, 2020

Excellent provider!

OU Physicians Patient Dec 18, 2019

We drive from Tulsa for a 15min appointment. My son thankfully has been very stable and the most they do is weigh/ measure him, listen to his belly & ask him about 3 or 4 questions. He misses lots of school because of these frequent appointments. I can never seem to get an appt.when he is out of school. It would be nice if we could meet 1 or 2x per yr & have the other appts with his pediatrician.

OU Physicians Patient Nov 21, 2019

Loved her, so easy to talk to, very good with my son. And thankful that he was able to get a flu shot from the hospital. Thank you all for what you do.

OU Physicians Patient Nov 21, 2019

She was very caring and thoughtful

OU Physicians Patient Nov 5, 2019

We love her!

OU Physicians Patient Oct 18, 2019

Dr. Clark has run into dead ends however she made an appt for our daughter to see another gastro doc. Hoping to get to the bottom of the symptoms.

OU Physicians Patient Oct 17, 2019

She's absolutely amazing! She listens to my concerns with my child and gives me the upmost care! There's never any judgement when speaking with her about my child. Absolutely love my child's provider!

OU Physicians Patient Oct 4, 2019

This dr is wonderful and takes great care of my child

OU Physicians Patient Oct 4, 2019

She made me feel like I made the right choice with bringing him in to be seen

OU Physicians Patient Oct 2, 2019

She is great to work with. Answers all of our questions. Seems to be genuinely concerned about my daughter. Always prompt too.

OU Physicians Patient Sep 25, 2019

We loved Ms. Gina! :)

OU Physicians Patient Sep 19, 2019

Regina Clark is a wonderful provider.

OU Physicians Patient Sep 18, 2019

This was our first time at OU children's and we loved the facility! Everyone we interacted with was very friendly and caring! Regina was very polite and very patient with us and explained everything in detail!

OU Physicians Patient Sep 18, 2019

The provider was great. The front desk staff was rude and unprofessional.

OU Physicians Patient Sep 10, 2019

Clark is extremely professional and very loveable with her patients. We highly recommend her! She spends quality time listening to us and caring for our baby girl!

OU Physicians Patient Sep 5, 2019

We absolutely loved her! She was so personable and we felt really comfortable with her.

OU Physicians Patient Sep 4, 2019

Very good at what she does and listens to your concerns

OU Physicians Patient Aug 27, 2019

Dr. Clark is very empathetic towards my daughters issues

OU Physicians Patient Aug 14, 2019

They are excellent at their job and know what they are doing.

OU Physicians Patient Jul 31, 2019

Very friendly, personable, and informative.

OU Physicians Patient Jul 31, 2019

She did absolutely nothing wrong and I am very okay with going back to her!

OU Physicians Patient Jul 24, 2019

She's super sweet!

OU Physicians Patient Jul 24, 2019

She's knowledgeable about our grandson and gives him superb care.

OU Physicians Patient Jul 23, 2019

We love coming to see our Dr. everyone is so welcoming I wouldn't choose anyone better!

OU Physicians Patient Jul 23, 2019

Regina talks to my daughter not just me. Since she is growing up, I want her to be a part of her care and Regina has always respected that.

OU Physicians Patient Jul 3, 2019

She was very nice and my son was not scared of her and he actually talked to her. And I loved that she answered our questions and didn't give us the run around..

OU Physicians Patient Jun 20, 2019

They asked many times about the problem my daughter had.

OU Physicians Patient Jun 13, 2019

Our family has grown to know provider, Regina Clark as she has grown to know my son ____ and we are very satisfied with the care he receives. Also, Those that I have encountered in the G.I. Clinic (Front Desk & Regina Clark's nurses) are pleasant.

OU Physicians Patient Jun 12, 2019

She takes a genuine interest in my daughter's health and well being. We are very happy with the care she provides.

OU Physicians Patient May 16, 2019

Hoping we are able to see what is causing the issues. Provider is easy to talk to and attentive to our concerns.

OU Physicians Patient May 14, 2019

Friendly, made my child and I felt understood and important! Very courteous staff and very little wait time! I felt they listened and addressed all of our concerns!

OU Physicians Patient Apr 27, 2019

We arrived on time for our appointment & saw the Dr on time. The dietitian, however was late or no show. We sat in the room for an hour & no one came. I even went out & asked at the front desk. No one came to explain after that either, so we left. We left home at 5:40am for this 8am appointment. Our time is valuable as well.

OU Physicians Patient Apr 19, 2019

She was very kind and thorough. I appreciated her approach and attentiveness. We've been through a lot of medical stuff and leaving feeling positive about your provider and experience is significant in these moments and shouldn't be taken for granted.

OU Physicians Patient Apr 18, 2019

She was very attentive to what was going on with my child and was very professional.

OU Physicians Patient Apr 17, 2019

Very kind and dedicated.

OU Physicians Patient Apr 16, 2019

Very pleasant. Good listener.

OU Physicians Patient Apr 10, 2019

She spent time talking about options and I liked that she seemed to really care.

OU Physicians Patient Apr 4, 2019

He is very tolerant with my daughter.

OU Physicians Patient Mar 21, 2019

She is friendly, caring and funny.

OU Physicians Patient Mar 19, 2019

The appointment and provider were great. Your valet is the only problem I had. Anyone could have stolen my vehicle. Thankfully no one did

OU Physicians Patient Mar 12, 2019

Very nice, didnt beat around the bush, just spoke what she thought was going on. Explained everything. Couldn't ask for anyone better.

OU Physicians Patient Mar 6, 2019

Was great but would Like to know why they came to the diagnosis and what other options we have in dealing with it seems everyone always pushes pills

OU Physicians Patient Mar 5, 2019

She was extremely easy to talk to & my daughter really liked her.

OU Physicians Patient Feb 22, 2019

Very friendly and communicated well

OU Physicians Patient Feb 8, 2019

We we're told by several Dirs that we needed to see a specialist. The nurse told us that constipation was her problem. I am not amused. She has been very ill.

OU Physicians Patient Feb 6, 2019

all staff is super friendly.

OU Physicians Patient Jan 30, 2019

I was so impressed with how well the staff prepared my 9-year old son for his upper GI scan. They told him exactly how it would go down and let him ask questions before and during the procedure. He actually thought it was fun, and considering how nervous he was beforehand, that's something of a miracle! Thank you!

OU Physicians Patient Jan 29, 2019

It was great they help in every way the could and provide use with the best information

OU Physicians Patient Jan 25, 2019

Very kind and professional. She spoke with me and also my child. He had questions for her and felt comfortable enough to ask, as she explained to him what was going on inside him. Very pleased to have him see her. Highly recommend to everyone. Thank you so much.

OU Physicians Patient Jan 18, 2019

Excellent service, child friendly environment, I definitely recommend this clinic to everyone.

OU Physicians Patient Nov 7, 2018

all good

OU Physicians Patient Aug 17, 2018

Our care provider was very receptive to our questions and concerns and took them into consideration when coming up with a treatment plan. I felt heard and respected which I appreciated very much.

OU Physicians Patient Jul 5, 2018

She has always taken time to listen. Extremely helpful.

OU Physicians Patient Jun 21, 2018

She is amazing! We left feeling confident that we will find a solution to my daughter's issues once the testing ordered is completed. The Dr always listens to us and provides us with everything we need from info-meds. We love this office

OU Physicians Patient Feb 1, 2018

love her!! she is amazing. I tell everyone about her. Regina Clark rocks!!!!!

OU Physicians Patient Dec 12, 2017

The main reason I may not recommend this practice to anyone else, is it would likely take too long to wait for the initial appointment. I had actually spoken with our pediatrician about pediatric GI treatment in Texas because of how long we had to wait to be seen. And then our initial doctor left the practice.

OU Physicians Patient Oct 24, 2017

Provider was wonderful with my child.

OU Physicians Patient Sep 13, 2017

very nice people

OU Physicians Patient Sep 7, 2017

We think Regina Clark is outstanding.

OU Physicians Patient Sep 7, 2017

we love Regina Clark!!! she answers all my questions, she seems to know her job, she interacts with makyah, she agrees on things that I prefer, not pushy, listens, excellent.

OU Physicians Patient Jul 18, 2017

The Dr was great. She really listened, gave us good advise and explained thoroughly the next steps in easy to understand language.

OU Physicians Patient Jun 14, 2017

She was great. She took time to talk to both of my girls and make them feel comfortable. She listened closely to what was happening and decided quickly how to handle the situation.

OU Physicians Patient Mar 22, 2017

I didn't feel like Regina clark listened to my concerns. I felt like she was giving a blanket treatment rather than getting to the root of the problem.

OU Physicians Patient Feb 28, 2017

she's great!!

OU Physicians Patient Feb 3, 2017

My daughter was very comfortable with the doctor and said she really liked her. This makes me happy to know that they care for their patients.

OU Physicians Patient Jan 30, 2017

I love Gina. she's so caring

OU Physicians Patient Jan 3, 2017

We did not get an answer to why or what the condition of my son may be; it was decided that the initial course of action would be a change to his medications and lab work; then a re evaluation in six weeks.

OU Physicians Patient Sep 6, 2016

Regina has provided _____'s care from the beginning. She is truly a sweet soul and I feel that she has ______'s best interest at heart. She always considers any suggestions that we have or let's us know if something might not be a good idea. We trust her judgement very much.

OU Physicians Patient Jun 6, 2016

The only hesitation is her credentials (ARNP and not MD).

OU Physicians Patient Mar 2, 2016

love her!

OU Physicians Patient Sep 14, 2015

Dr. Gina was very informative and made our family feel very welcome to her practice and made us feel like we understood everything that was going on.

OU Physicians Patient Sep 4, 2015

it is a waste of time and money for us to see Regina every time we need Remicade. need to b able to come get Remicade every eight weeks and see Regina once in awhile. unnecessary doctor visits for us and her

OU Physicians Patient Jul 20, 2015

she is great

OU Physicians Patient Jun 11, 2015

always the best experience possible. Great staff. we are very excited that Btittany is the new MA for Gina! she seemed excited to help and called us immediately with the lab results!!!!

OU Physicians Patient May 29, 2015

After a year the treatment that we were sent to this hospital for has not happen. Her regular care provider just started treating her with out egd.

OU Physicians Patient May 7, 2015

made follow-up appointment for 4 weeks. provider cancelled appointment to go on vacation and rescheduled it for 4 weeks later. went 2 months without a follow up. in the mean time I had to ask my child's primary care Dr. for a referral to a dietician and medicine for acid reflux. on return from vacation the provider scheduled an endoscopy, colonoscopy, and upper GI because my daughters condition had not changed. I was disappointed that my daughter had to wait 2 months to see the provider when her condition had not gotten any better.

OU Physicians Patient Apr 6, 2015

Regina Clark was awesome. I was so impressed with the amount of detail she provided and the patience she showed with all the questions I had regarding my daughter. She explained in detail about the medicines for my daughter and made us very comfortable. I feel like she will work to find out what is causing my daughters problems. I wish she had been my daughters GI specialist from the beginning. I'm glad my daughter is under her care now!

OU Physicians Patient Mar 30, 2015

Regina Clark showed concern and great care for my daughter.

OU Physicians Patient Feb 24, 2015