Priya Prakash

Priya Prakash, MD

  • Rheumatology
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OU Physicians Building
Rheumatology – Suite 4E
825 N.E. 10th St.
Oklahoma City, OK 73104
American Board of Internal Medicine
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Sub-Specialty Certification
Rheumatology and Internal Medicine:
Westchester Medical Center/New York Medical Center
Valhalla-New York
Areas of Expertise
Autoimmune disorders of connective tissue:
-Ankylosing spondylitis
-Behcet's disease
-Giant cell arteritis
-Inflammatory myopathy
-Psoriatic arthritis
-Rheumatoid arthritis
-Sjogren's syndrome
-Systemic lupus erythematosus
-Systemic sclerosis (scleroderma)
-Systemic vasculitis
Ocular inflammatory diseases secondary to autoimmune diseases

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4.4 / 5287 Ratings105 Comments

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Patient Comments

Nothing about the provider BUT your system of accepting Incoming call centrally is NOT user-friendly. Two time I've not been able to get messages through to nurse or physician regarding prescribed medication. Needless to say I'm currently very frustrated.

OU Physicians Patient Sep 8, 2020

She was a very nice young woman. Listened to my concerns. Everything went very well.

OU Physicians Patient Sep 2, 2020

Conversation on the phone went well.

OU Physicians Patient Sep 1, 2020

Very thorough in insuring my welfare. I'm very confident in her care.

OU Physicians Patient Aug 17, 2020

My provider shared the current best practices regarding my health condition with me. I feel informed and am confident that she is helping me to slow down the progression of my disease and to treat my symptoms the best way possible.

OU Physicians Patient Aug 17, 2020

Feel confident with her care.

OU Physicians Patient Aug 10, 2020

Dr. Prakash and her entire staff were very friendly and understanding. I felt fully at ease during the visit. My history was thoroughly reviewed and my condition and proposed treatment was well explained. I knew immediately that she was prepared for the visit because of some of the questions she asked regarding information in my file. I was only minimally familiar with Rheumatoid Arthritis but Dr. Prakash explained it and offered more information if I wanted. I met the person who will handle my calls and was given several options of how to contact her. It was a very good visit and I was very happy with Dr. Prakash.

OU Physicians Patient Jul 31, 2020

I waited 4 days fr a subscription that should have been done I 1 day.this happen at ou physician Dr Priya Prakash office rhematolgy

OU Physicians Patient Jul 31, 2020

Everything went well

OU Physicians Patient Jul 28, 2020

Always listens to concerns and the good things that is happening with my med regimen. Always encouraging!

OU Physicians Patient Jul 28, 2020

Dr. Prakash is wonderful. During my office visits, she never appears rushed. She is fully engaged in my care & more than willing to take as much time as needed to ensure I understand my treatment plan. I feel like I can trust her to provide me with the best care possible.

OU Physicians Patient Jul 24, 2020

Thus provider is the best I have had in years. Always ready and willing to listen and seem to care about all questions issues and patient Thank you Doctor!!!

OU Physicians Patient Jul 21, 2020

Very thorough.

OU Physicians Patient Jul 20, 2020

Very knowledgeable and very nice

OU Physicians Patient Jul 15, 2020

Feel like she listens and trying to help me figure out what's wrong.

OU Physicians Patient Jul 14, 2020

My new medication scripts were not sent to the pharmacy. This is the 2nd time this has happened after a teleconference. I had to call the office each time to get them to forward the rx to pharmacy.

OU Physicians Patient Jul 13, 2020

Answers questions fast and direct

OU Physicians Patient Jul 6, 2020

She's very thorough and patient.

OU Physicians Patient Jun 30, 2020

Dr. Prakash is always very friendly and professional. She always makes sure that I have my medications and updated prescriptions. She answers all questions

OU Physicians Patient Jun 30, 2020

Everything is perfect.

OU Physicians Patient Jun 29, 2020

She was very informative. She explained and eased my worries as my regular provider never had. She explained other doctors had also reviewed my records. I did forget to mention problem with tendons in legs but I don't think that would be related to consult.

OU Physicians Patient Jun 24, 2020

She is very caring and listens to my concerns.

OU Physicians Patient Jun 15, 2020

Maybe have a better bedside manner. She was ok just alittle nicer and believe your patient when they tell you how much you are hurting

OU Physicians Patient Jun 5, 2020

Dr. Prakash is great! She listens to all my concerns and patiently answers questions.

OU Physicians Patient May 20, 2020

Dr. Prakash Works Well With My General Practitioner Dr. Skaggs, Which Makes Feel Very Confident & Comfortable With Both Of Them. Thanks For The Opportunity To Share ??

OU Physicians Patient Jan 28, 2020


OU Physicians Patient Jan 27, 2020

she is very knowledgeable

OU Physicians Patient Jan 21, 2020

The clinic was running super late. I get that doctors time is important but so is mine. I didn't get taken back until close to an hour after my scheduled appointment. I wasn't updated at all. And the TV said she was running on time even though she clearly wasn't

OU Physicians Patient Jan 17, 2020

I was a first time patient with Dr Prakash. Normally OU has mailed paperwork to be completed in advance of the visit. This did not happen and therefore Dr Prakash had to wait on me. She was very patient even though I could have put her behind for the next person. Overall the visit was good and I feel quite comfortable about transitioning my care to Dr Prakash.

OU Physicians Patient Jan 8, 2020

Dr. Prakash is amazing. Kind, attentive and personable. I would recommend her to anyone'

OU Physicians Patient Jan 7, 2020

It's Always A Pleasure To Meet With Dr. Priya Prakash, She Is Very Knowledgeable About My Condition With The Rheumatoid Arthritis & Works Very Hard To Keep Me As Out Of Pain & Comfortable As Possible... Thank You For The Opportunity To Share Dr. Prakash & Blessings To You, The Upcoming Birth Of Your Baby & The Rest Of Your Family ????

OU Physicians Patient Sep 23, 2019

Mrs. Prakash is a super kind and caring doctor. I was very hesitant about taking any sort of medication and she worked with me and explained to me about the medication. I've now been on Humira for 1 year and it is working wonderful. I appreciate her understanding how Hard headed I am and being patience with me.

OU Physicians Patient Sep 16, 2019

She answered all my questions

OU Physicians Patient Sep 10, 2019

Dr. Prakash has answered some of my questions pertaining to my illness but other questions I have she has asked me to consult with my primary doctor. Dr. Prakash is a good doctor.

OU Physicians Patient Sep 9, 2019


OU Physicians Patient Sep 9, 2019

I feel so very lucky to have Dr. Prakash as my physician. She's fantastic in every way!

OU Physicians Patient Aug 28, 2019

Love Dr Prakash!

OU Physicians Patient Aug 27, 2019

She is very caring and professional. I feel safe with this provider caring for me.

OU Physicians Patient Aug 19, 2019

She's awesome! Staff was great, too.

OU Physicians Patient Aug 13, 2019

Pleasant to work with.

OU Physicians Patient Aug 13, 2019

I am a new patient with Dr Prakash. It will take a few more visits for us to build trust and rapport. I am satisfied with my first visit with Dr Prakash. She listened to my concerns and let me know how she could assist me to maintain my health.

OU Physicians Patient Aug 9, 2019

She's was great and even though I could tell she was struggling being at the end of her pregnancy she still took the time to listen and examine me and not hurt me. She was generous and kind and didn't just ignore my concerns

OU Physicians Patient Aug 7, 2019

I adore Dr. Prakash. I wish she could be all my doctors.

OU Physicians Patient Aug 5, 2019

I'm hard of hearing and I eould ask her to slow down so I could understand. She'd slow down and speak up for a minute but then start talking fast again.

OU Physicians Patient Jul 29, 2019

I left not really knowing anything about my newly diagnosed condition. I am currently seeking a second opinion. I am starting college in 2 weeks and need answers in dealing with my fatigue.

OU Physicians Patient Jul 24, 2019

Dr prakash was well aware of my medical history and she continues to treat me well I'm very happy with her

OU Physicians Patient Jul 23, 2019

Great listener

OU Physicians Patient Jul 22, 2019

My physician, Priya Prakash MD, listens to me and seems concerned about my welfare. She is encouraging and I feel as though I finally found a physician who is concerned about patients.

OU Physicians Patient Jul 2, 2019

Dr. Prakash is extremely thorough and professional. My quality of life has improved greatly under her care and I am very thankful to have her as my doctor.

OU Physicians Patient Jun 24, 2019

She did not answer my questions. Was very impatient whenever I wanted more info. I don't want to see her again.

OU Physicians Patient Jun 18, 2019

She was very nice, listened well and did a thorough exam. Very satisfied!!

OU Physicians Patient Jun 14, 2019

Easy to talk with and was very informative

OU Physicians Patient Jun 14, 2019

I have had arthritis for over 30 years and multiple doctors along with it. Dr. Prakash is one of the finest physicians I've ever encountered. She asks all sorts of questions, gathers all sorts of data, sucks up all the resulting information and remembers and applies all of it to personalize my treatment plan. She is simultaneously direct, caring and humorous. I feel very privileged to have found her.

OU Physicians Patient Jun 10, 2019

Very knowledgeable and seems to care. I highly trust in her!

OU Physicians Patient May 22, 2019

Have enjoyed under the care of Dr. Prakash.

OU Physicians Patient May 13, 2019

Everyone was so nice and very helpful!

OU Physicians Patient May 8, 2019

I love my dr. She is a very sweet and knowledgable dr.she remembers my case, she starts talking to me and remembers things without even looking at my chart

OU Physicians Patient May 7, 2019

Drs at this facility are top notch(the best) please do not ever close I will not go any other facility for my medical needs.on a side note please reopen the snack bar on the first floor.I miss the taco salad Thursday special and the other stuff.

OU Physicians Patient May 6, 2019

Seemed very knolagble and caring

OU Physicians Patient May 3, 2019

She kinda rushed me by saying she had other patients to see

OU Physicians Patient May 1, 2019

Very respectful

OU Physicians Patient Apr 23, 2019

Excellent doctor that seems to truly care about patient health and treatment. Entire staff is friendly and extremely helpful!

OU Physicians Patient Apr 15, 2019

Dr Prakash was very caring and knowledgeable. She took the time to answer my questions and explain what the next steps are. I would highly recommend Dr Prakash for anyone needing a rheumatologist.

OU Physicians Patient Apr 12, 2019

I feel well taken care of by Dr. Prakash.

OU Physicians Patient Apr 9, 2019

The front desk lady was kinda rude but everyone else is super helpful

OU Physicians Patient Apr 3, 2019

Thoughtful. Gives as much time to ask questions and then answer in a way that I understand completely. She is always aware of other medical issues and takes the time to discuss with me. Truly concerned about my overall well-being.

OU Physicians Patient Apr 2, 2019

The doctor was very caring and competent. I would be happy to refer friends or relatives to her.

OU Physicians Patient Apr 1, 2019

She is very caring and compassionate. I trust her completely.

OU Physicians Patient Mar 19, 2019

I feel like Dr. Prakash is very helpful and explains things professionally, however, her personality comes across as dismissive. She has never been rude, but I can see how others may preceive her behavior as having a bad attitude. She has always returned all of my calls, promptly.

OU Physicians Patient Mar 4, 2019

I could barely understand her. She prescribed a medication I can't afford. I asked her if it came in a generic she said it did, but it didn't. I don't feel comfortable in her care.

OU Physicians Patient Feb 20, 2019

The whole team is extremely nice, highly recommend!

OU Physicians Patient Feb 19, 2019

I loved her manner and respect she showed me

OU Physicians Patient Feb 15, 2019

Very personal very professional puts you at ease

OU Physicians Patient Feb 11, 2019

Dr Priya Prakash was interested in my problem and help me out alot with the pain in my right shoulder.she seem to care about her patient.

OU Physicians Patient Jan 30, 2019

She was very patience and educational on all my concerns

OU Physicians Patient Jan 28, 2019

I am very thankful that Dr. Prakash is so knowledgeable.

OU Physicians Patient Jan 22, 2019

Very nice and professional Great personality and concerned

OU Physicians Patient Jan 15, 2019

It's different this time as Dr. Prakash was not rushing to get to her next appointment to which I appreciate the thought.

OU Physicians Patient Jan 14, 2019

Dr.Prakash gave me all the time I needed with her and I didn't feel rushed.

OU Physicians Patient Jan 8, 2019

She was very caring and very knowledgeable. Was eager to explore all options for my case. I felt like she really paid attention to me!

OU Physicians Patient Jan 8, 2019

Very efficient in providing care

OU Physicians Patient Jan 8, 2019

Nothing much more

OU Physicians Patient Jan 7, 2019

She was very nice! I really liked her. Communication was a problem.

OU Physicians Patient Jan 2, 2019

Everything was Great.

OU Physicians Patient Dec 27, 2018

Told me symptoms are in my head even though I have test results that prove otherwise. She doesnt like that I ask about other treatment options and got very offended when I told her I was going to seek outside opinion from another rheumatologist. Her response was like a 2 yr old . My husband and I left there atonished at how rude and awkward we felt during that appointment. I have said the past couple appointments with her I needed to find a Dr that truly cared for my healthcare options. This appt confirmed i will no longer be seeing her. I will go back to driving 6 hrs to Houston where my Dr there truly made me feel validated and gave several options for treatment.

OU Physicians Patient Nov 27, 2018

I didn't understand why some tests were showing one thing and others another and she didn't explain that to me.

OU Physicians Patient Nov 26, 2018

Dr. Prakash is simply one of the greatest physicians I have ever come in contact with. I am a retired RN and I tend to be a bit on the picky side when it comes to providers, and I can honestly say I cannot imagine going to anyone else to help me manage my care. And I have actually already referred a dear friend of mine who has RA to Dr. Prakash for her care.

OU Physicians Patient Nov 20, 2018

My GI Dr. had not sent over a complete history of my colonoscopy. She sat there till we got the appropriate information to make sense of my diagnosis and treatment! She truly cares about getting the appropriate diagnosis and treatment protocols for me.

OU Physicians Patient Nov 12, 2018

Dr. Prakash always spends enough time with me and explains things very clearly. She looks at the whole-person concept when caring for patients and I wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone looking for a rheumatologist.

OU Physicians Patient Nov 5, 2018

Dr Prakash told me the inflammation I have is a normal aging process. I still don't understand why I had an extremely high ANA and my bones feel like a knife is poking them. She showed me pictures of normal aging hands as if I were making up my symptoms. I have alternating stabbing in my arms and legs and pelvis. I have a jaw that locks up at least once a week. I was told this is normal aging? Is this all due to the fact I have to use the obama care insurance? I have been forced into using this insurance.

OU Physicians Patient Oct 29, 2018

she was very rude to us. I could tell that she was mad that my children were there. she actually told me not to bring them with future appointments and ordered me to wean my son.

OU Physicians Patient Oct 9, 2018

The first time I saw Dr. Prakash she was nice and thoughtful and showed she cares. I am thankful that she found the health issues I have and I was well. However, this last two visits, particularly the visit I had with October 8, it was very short and said no time to chat because she is late to see another patient. I feel we drove quite a distance and I have an appointment that she should have given me the time I need to ask her questions, rather than in a rush. I thought I deserved the courtesy to spend time with me and made feel I am not important to spend just a few minutes. I can tell she was rushing and would like to go to her next patient. I was there a very short time. There are questions I would like to ask but decided not to.

OU Physicians Patient Oct 8, 2018

I had a little bit of a problem with her accent, but it was me, not her. She really tried

OU Physicians Patient Sep 19, 2018

I recommend people to her all the time

OU Physicians Patient Sep 17, 2018

felt she was rude and disrespectful of my dr who sent me to her for answers and she treated me like I was dumb for even being there

OU Physicians Patient Sep 14, 2018

She is wonderful!!!

OU Physicians Patient Aug 7, 2018

Dr. Prakash is really amazing. She explained to me what was going on and made sure to explain it in a way that I didn't worry. She took the time to listen to me and answered all my questions.

OU Physicians Patient Jun 27, 2018

Dr. Parkash spent a lot of time answering all my questions. She gave me an injection and I felt better right away. She is very skilled with her injections.

OU Physicians Patient May 22, 2018

Dr. Prakash was very professional and explained everything I needed to know about my condition, listened to my concerns, actually seemed concerned about my condition and me as a patient.

OU Physicians Patient May 15, 2018

Dr. Prakash is such a wonderful and caring doctor. She has helped me pretty much have a life again. I have rheumatoid arthritis and was in such bad. shape when I started seeing her. and now things are so much better for me.

OU Physicians Patient Apr 11, 2018

Dr Prakash is an awesome person

OU Physicians Patient Apr 4, 2018

Dr Prakash seems very competent but she dismisses my less measurable symptoms, opnions etc.

OU Physicians Patient Feb 27, 2018

Dr Prakash was not able to help with any of the concerns that I brought to her. Hopefully this will change but it was very disapointing to have to start from scratch and come away with no new help.

OU Physicians Patient Oct 30, 2017

the dr was very caring she listened and explained everything

OU Physicians Patient Sep 11, 2017

Dr. Prakash was very thorough during my first new patient visit; but I felt that 2 hours was too long and she should have taken control of the appointment and asked questions and asked me to answer only her questions. I felt that I rambled on for 2 hours.

OU Physicians Patient Aug 29, 2017