Michelle R. . Salvaggio

Michelle R. Salvaggio, MD

  • Infectious Diseases
4.8 / 5227 Ratings51 Comments

“I work with patients to assist in diagnosis and management of infectious dieases. These can be chronic or acute infections.”

general information

Professional Office Building
Infectious Diseases
711 Stanton L. Young Blvd.
Oklahoma City, OK 73104
Additional Practice Location
OKC County Health Department
4330 NW 10th St.
Oklahoma City , OK 73107
American Board of Internal Medicine
Sub-Specialty Certification
Infectious Diseases
University of Alabama at Birmingham
University of Oklahoma College of Medicine
Medical School
University of Oklahoma College of Medicine
Areas of Expertise
Herpes infections
2015 "Best Doctors" by Best Doctors Inc.
Languages Spoken

ratings & comments

Patient Rating

4.8 / 5227 Ratings51 Comments

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Patient Comments

From my experience with doctors from Africa where I come from the good doctor is the one that doesn't treat you like a patient but a friend/relative, that's what I found in Dr Salvaggio she's warm friendly and listens to you attentively and advises where she can. I felt at ease with her.

OU Physicians Patient Sep 14, 2020

The provider also gave me some additional information about my health and I would like to thank that provider.

OU Physicians Patient Aug 27, 2020

Dr. Salvaggio is amazing. Easy to talk to and is a great listener. Thrilled she's my Doctor.

OU Physicians Patient Aug 27, 2020

This appt was just to establish patient. The doctor was patient and listened carefully. I am confident with my care. Wonderful doctor.

OU Physicians Patient Aug 25, 2020

Dr. Salvaggio has always made me feel comfortable and valued. She listens to my concerns about my health and even my family life. I honestly don't think I'd trust a different doctor. I think Dr. Salvaggio is the best that OU IDI has.

OU Physicians Patient Jul 14, 2020

Dr. Salvaggio is amazing. She provides me with great care!!

OU Physicians Patient Jul 14, 2020

She was sincere and did her job in a timely manner while making sure I know what's happening.

OU Physicians Patient Jul 7, 2020

She is very informed and very knowledgeable

OU Physicians Patient Jul 7, 2020

I really like it thank you ????

OU Physicians Patient Jun 23, 2020

I want a new provider. I think she is a good doctor, knowledgable but burned out. I'm tired of her ignoring or dismissing my concerns,pain and applications for disability. I've seen a primary care physician, two rheumatologist, several neurologist, and several pain management specialist an all of them are in agreements about my condition,treatment and need for disability.

OU Physicians Patient May 26, 2020

Dr. Salvaggio was very attentive and she answered any questions that I had. She treated me with respect and she was very thorough when addressing my questions. She explained everything, in detail, and made sure that I completely understood. I greatly appreciate the way she made me comfortable during my visit.

OU Physicians Patient Apr 16, 2020

Salvaggio is an attentive and knowledgeable doctor. I appreciate her care very much!

OU Physicians Patient Jan 23, 2020

She is an excellent doctor.

OU Physicians Patient Jan 21, 2020

I would love for once at least once for her to be on time she is never been on time for my appointment and I have discussed this with her and she has said you should go somewhere else if you don't like it

OU Physicians Patient Jan 7, 2020

My doctor is amazing and I feel like I can't speak to her about anything now

OU Physicians Patient Jan 7, 2020

I love my dr and her entire staff are the kindest. They all are very caring and so helpful. They worked hard with my insurance company to get my antivirals which was a nightmare. So patient and have great attitudes. I love how Dr Salvaggio is attentive to listen and check my labs and other info I bring with me. She is an amazing dr and I am always so grateful for her. I've been to several infectious disease drs and she is the best so far. I give her a 5 star and her entire staff. I really like that she is affectionate with me as I'm a hugger. What a sweetheart she is! How proud OU Medical must be to have her on staff as a top notch person. Can you tell I love her?! Because I do!!!

OU Physicians Patient Jan 7, 2020

Very helpful and caring with patients

OU Physicians Patient Dec 3, 2019

The visit was great.

OU Physicians Patient Nov 5, 2019

Very nice and very helpful

OU Physicians Patient Oct 22, 2019

I really don't have any other words to describe Dr. Salvaggio other than, she's simply the best!

OU Physicians Patient Oct 21, 2019

I enjoy having Dr Salvaggio as my Physcians. She listens to me and is concerned about my care

OU Physicians Patient Oct 8, 2019

I felt cared for and not just like a number.

OU Physicians Patient Sep 24, 2019

She is the best doctor I could have and thanks for the treatment she gives me at each appointment.

OU Physicians Patient Aug 22, 2019

She is the BEST

OU Physicians Patient Aug 13, 2019

Friendly staff keep up good work

OU Physicians Patient Aug 6, 2019

I found the provider to be caring and listened to my questions and concerns!

OU Physicians Patient Jul 25, 2019

Excellent patient made me feel comfortable

OU Physicians Patient Jul 23, 2019

Your OU system is great. Very pleased

OU Physicians Patient Jul 23, 2019

I love Dr Salvaggio so much and she was my 3rd doctor to see and she was the charm! I trust her totally and she is so compassionate and caring sending me off with a gentle hug. She is the best and I dread the day she is no longer in practice but she is younger than me so I'm hopeful she will be with me till I die. How fortunate I feel to have gotten into her. I know I can only be seen every 6 months because of my herpes zoster but I'm okay with that as most infectious disease drs are not able to see you sooner than 6 months. Be proud of your physician as she is the very best of infectious disease drs! Oh how I love her as she seems more like a friend to me and I could sit in my living room so comfortable talking to her. That is a unique gift most drs do not possess from what I have seen. She is warm and friendly but also intelligent and wise. I trust her with my life and the chronic shingles I have on a continuous basis.

OU Physicians Patient Jul 18, 2019

Always makes me feel comfortable. I am sure she knows what she's talking about. I trusted her completely with my care

OU Physicians Patient Jul 2, 2019

She is kind and a wonderful Doctor!!!

OU Physicians Patient Jun 27, 2019

The provider is wonderful. She is a great doctor but her staff is totally incompetent. It took me three days to get them to send my lab requests. I sent an email and called twice. It took me having to speak with the office manager to get it done. And before this visit, it took three weeks for them to send a prescription to my pharmacy. Also my appointment was for 1:30 and I wasn't taken into the room till 2:00. I know their time is important but so is mine. I don't have time to sit in the waiting room for a half hour. They asked me to be there 15 minutes early which I was which had me waiting 45 minutes. They called me three times to confirm the appointment.

OU Physicians Patient May 30, 2019

The doctor didn't rush through my appointment. She seemed interested in my problems and wanted to help.

OU Physicians Patient May 28, 2019

Very friendly and professional.

OU Physicians Patient May 21, 2019

Dr Salvaggio is always so well prepared and is totally on top of her game. She is intelligent and professional always

OU Physicians Patient May 9, 2019

I really like,they do a very professional job.

OU Physicians Patient May 2, 2019

The whole staff is wonderful to me for 2 and a half years I just love the 4th floor staff thank u all

OU Physicians Patient Apr 1, 2019

I don't know where I'd be without Dr. Salvaggio; I tend to go into a private panic mode with life situations and she calmly can ease my fears. She listens to me and offers intelligent and thoughtful advise. She is a wonderful person and I feel blessed and lucky to have her as my doctor.

OU Physicians Patient Mar 12, 2019

She is sweet and is concerned for me overall and not just treating my illness. Always kind and brightening up the day,she encourages me to go on further.

OU Physicians Patient Feb 26, 2019

Dr. Salvaggio is wonderful and I feel very comfortable with her as my physician.

OU Physicians Patient Feb 7, 2019

This is the best Dr. I've ever had in my life of doctors. Thanks to Dr. Salvaggio

OU Physicians Patient Feb 5, 2019

Dr. Silvagio has to be by far the Best caring, supportive, encouraging, uplifting professional Dr. I've had in my life time.

OU Physicians Patient Apr 17, 2018

My confidence in Dr. Salvaggio is beyond measure. We go back quite a few years, she has seen me through some tough supports along the way and never gave up on me. She has literally put her arm around me as I cried, don't find that in many Drs. She is truly a blessing in my life.

OU Physicians Patient Nov 14, 2017

Seems like always a computer problem when seeing me for an appt., not organized, forgot a shot I was suppose to have until after I left the clinic, seemed like they were unorganized.

OU Physicians Patient Jul 11, 2017

perfect visit

OU Physicians Patient Mar 21, 2017

Just seemed like she was more interested in the meds other people in my situation was taking and not concerned with the meds I was taking for like 20 years and had no problems and wanted me to get online with the new meds and I have doubts about changing meds with no fall back

OU Physicians Patient Dec 6, 2016

Dr. Salvaggio is so kind and sweet; she knows everything I need, and she answers my questions in detail every time. She is so patient, and she speaks very simple English to make me understand

OU Physicians Patient Nov 29, 2016

Dr. Savaggio is very good at knowing and remembering what my past visits are about, and what questions to ask me to best care for my medical needs. Love her

OU Physicians Patient Nov 10, 2016


OU Physicians Patient Sep 1, 2016

Salvaggio has been an inspiration to me

OU Physicians Patient Apr 23, 2015

I got my blood work done a week earlier. I will add, the lab staff, staff taking blood, usually pleasant. window staff on the first floor in the lab, borderline rude !!!

OU Physicians Patient Mar 3, 2015