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Michael Shawn Cookson, MD, MMHC

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4.9 / 5764 Ratings87 Comments

“I am a urologic oncologist practicing evidenced-based medicine with compassion in a multidisciplinary cancer setting.”

general information

Stephenson Cancer Center
Prostate and Urologic Cancers Clinic - Suite 4300
800 N.E. 10th St.
Oklahoma City, OK 73104
American Board of Urology
Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center
University of Texas
San Antonio
Medical School
University of Oklahoma College of Medicine
Areas of Expertise
Prostate cancer
Bladder cancer
Renal cancer
Testicular cancer
Robotic surgery
Urinary diversion
2017 Castle Connolly Medical Ltd. "Top Doctors"
2016 Castle Connolly Medical Ltd. "Top Doctors"
2015 "Best Doctors" by Best Doctors Inc.
American Association of GU Surgeons
Fellow-American College of Surgeons
Executive Committee
Society of Urologic Oncologists
Languages Spoken

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Patient Rating

4.9 / 5764 Ratings87 Comments

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Patient Comments

Dr Cookson is great

OU Physicians Patient Dec 18, 2017

I feel very blessed to have Dr. Cookson in charge of my health relating to possible bladder cancer. None better in my opinion.

OU Physicians Patient Dec 4, 2017

my feelings about Dr. Cookson could not be more positive. he is an outstanding physician!Give him anything he wants, you do not want to lose him!

OU Physicians Patient Nov 13, 2017

Outstanding service. Totally trust the care provider.

OU Physicians Patient Nov 13, 2017


OU Physicians Patient Nov 6, 2017

dr cookson is excellant

OU Physicians Patient Oct 30, 2017

he always goes above and beyond. always.

OU Physicians Patient Oct 23, 2017

I'm having kidney surgery, Dr explained what would happen and how long recovery time would be

OU Physicians Patient Oct 23, 2017

very caring

OU Physicians Patient Sep 18, 2017

Very good

OU Physicians Patient Sep 18, 2017


OU Physicians Patient Sep 11, 2017

Doctor Cookson is a very good man and then doctor.

OU Physicians Patient Sep 11, 2017

Excellent People

OU Physicians Patient Sep 11, 2017

very. skilled and intelligent man. I am very fortunate that he agreed to be my surgeon

OU Physicians Patient Sep 8, 2017

All the best.

OU Physicians Patient Sep 1, 2017


OU Physicians Patient Sep 1, 2017

Dr. Cookson is an outstanding physician, and compassionate human being. I told him his partnership with the higher power was a good one!

OU Physicians Patient Aug 11, 2017

Very very good

OU Physicians Patient Aug 4, 2017

Looks like we are getting care from the best and brightest there is in the field.

OU Physicians Patient Jul 24, 2017

Dr. Cookson is an excellent doctor with great bedside manner

OU Physicians Patient Jun 26, 2017

Just Great!!

OU Physicians Patient Jun 19, 2017

Doc Cookson and his STAFF are the best EVER

OU Physicians Patient Jun 16, 2017

As previously stated, and excellent experience.

OU Physicians Patient Jun 2, 2017

Very well done.

OU Physicians Patient May 22, 2017

I have recommended Dr. Cookson to many of my friends and acquaintances. He is the BEST!

OU Physicians Patient Apr 10, 2017

I asked about some additional blood testing that symptoms were one of the reasons referred. he told me to follow-up with my Primary Care provider. It was the Primary Care provider that sent me to the Specialist in the first place.

OU Physicians Patient Mar 20, 2017

Doctor Cookson is a very caring and compensate Doctor he is a true model of how a physician should handle the people he is seeing.

OU Physicians Patient Mar 13, 2017

I have had first hand experience with a Doctor at M D Anderson, and my choice is Dr. Cookson without question. My interaction with Dr. Cookcon left me with a sense of confidence and trust. I would recommend him to others without hesitation.

OU Physicians Patient Mar 10, 2017


OU Physicians Patient Mar 6, 2017

Sush a Wonderful DR Really Knows His Canser Stuff

OU Physicians Patient Mar 3, 2017

entire staff was very professional, well trained, and acted as though they wanted to be there, as opposed to the often encountered surly attitude manifesting itself in distain for the customer's presence.The OU Urology dept. is certainly a refreshing change!!

OU Physicians Patient Feb 17, 2017

Good med team

OU Physicians Patient Feb 17, 2017

The treatment I've received from Dr. Cookson has consistently been outstanding. I'm completely confident in his abilities and recommended course of treatment. Dr. Cookson's care for me has always been great.

OU Physicians Patient Feb 13, 2017

He's just the kind of physician you would hope to get, especially when health questions and issues arise that are life-threatening and scary. He's very straight with information, yet very reassuring, calming and caring. It gives me great confidence that if I ever need surgery, I am a patient of Dr. Cookson.

OU Physicians Patient Jan 23, 2017

could not have been better!

OU Physicians Patient Jan 23, 2017

so far it's all been good

OU Physicians Patient Jan 2, 2017


OU Physicians Patient Dec 27, 2016

Very Good

OU Physicians Patient Dec 19, 2016

I have referred Dr. Cookson several times to other Cancer patients and I will continue to do so! He is REMARKABLE!

OU Physicians Patient Dec 16, 2016

Lots of new people, but they are not introducing themselves. It is great that SCC is growing, but let's not forget the basics.

OU Physicians Patient Dec 5, 2016

There isn't and was Never a bad experience With Dr Cookson and his Wonderful Staff

OU Physicians Patient Nov 21, 2016


OU Physicians Patient Sep 26, 2016

we will definitely recommend to others when need be.

OU Physicians Patient Sep 23, 2016

Doctor Cookson was one of the most caring and time friendly of any Doctor that I have ever seen . I would recommend his service to anyone who needed help in his specialty !!

OU Physicians Patient Sep 12, 2016

In all fairness the provider gave as much time as possible to the needs presented by my situation of the time. Seems to be friendly enough, but when seeing so many, and with other demands on his time he may not always come across that way. Very good doctor in my humble opinion.

OU Physicians Patient Aug 22, 2016

I like Dr. Cookson, he take good care of me.

OU Physicians Patient Aug 15, 2016

Dr Coockson iis very effiecent vert good so knowlegable about Cancer

OU Physicians Patient Aug 15, 2016

Dr. Cookson and assistants were friendly, courteous and professional - none better !

OU Physicians Patient Aug 12, 2016

Overwhelmingly happy with Dr Cookson and staff. He made me and family very comfortable! Spoke to us on a common persons level. His confidence was conveyed to us in the appropriate manner which gave us complete confidence in him. We thank him and his staff!

OU Physicians Patient Jul 11, 2016

Very knowledgeable. Friendly

OU Physicians Patient Jun 27, 2016

Dr. Cookson was fantastic! He knew exactly what we needed to do. As this was a year after biopsy we talked about what we might need to do in the future!! He is a GREAT Doctor and a nice person too!!!

OU Physicians Patient Jun 20, 2016

The staff made a great effort to identify themselves.

OU Physicians Patient May 27, 2016


OU Physicians Patient May 23, 2016

excellent professional care

OU Physicians Patient May 20, 2016

Nothing but good experiences. He was very thorough and did an excellent job of explaining the procedure.

OU Physicians Patient May 20, 2016

dr. cookson is very good at his job

OU Physicians Patient Apr 22, 2016

Just Wonderful Dr

OU Physicians Patient Apr 22, 2016

Dr. Cookson was amazing and so kind and professional with us. He took extra time to go over questions because we had gotten a bad test result. He then followed up with us. We are so impressed with him.

OU Physicians Patient Apr 8, 2016

Thanks God to let me know this Clinic

OU Physicians Patient Apr 4, 2016

Dr explained what was going to happen included drawing and that helped to understand what was going to happen. The resident he brought in was very helpful and came back in to further explain and show what was going to happen. This was something I am very thankful for.

OU Physicians Patient Mar 18, 2016

Received excellent care from all team members at Stephenson cancer center of OU

OU Physicians Patient Mar 14, 2016

We could not be happier with Dr. Cookson.

OU Physicians Patient Mar 7, 2016

Very thorough and courteous.

OU Physicians Patient Feb 29, 2016

Very competent in explaining options for treatment. Very circumspect in voiding any rash judgment/decisions. I love the methodical, let's not make a mistake approach.

OU Physicians Patient Feb 8, 2016

I have great confidence in my provider.

OU Physicians Patient Feb 8, 2016

I highly recommend Dr. Cookson and his staff

OU Physicians Patient Dec 14, 2015

Such a relief to have top notch physicians such as Dr. Cookson right here in OKC at home. The thought of having to battle this cancer out of state was overwhelming.

OU Physicians Patient Dec 14, 2015

Already referring the Stevenson Center and Dr. Cookson

OU Physicians Patient Nov 30, 2015

very professional all of my questions and concerns covered

OU Physicians Patient Nov 9, 2015

Doctor Cookson is awesome!!!!

OU Physicians Patient Nov 9, 2015

My Cancer/Urology-patient's will be Highly recommended to your Cancer clinic!!

OU Physicians Patient Oct 19, 2015

dr cookson and the personnel was excellant. i couldn't be more satisified

OU Physicians Patient Oct 19, 2015

I was recommend by Dr Ashley Bowen to Dr Cookson and GOD HAD TO BE THERE FOR THINGS TO TURN OUT LIKE THEY DID. Thank you Dr Cookson and Abby

OU Physicians Patient Oct 2, 2015

Dr Cookson, Colleen and Abby are great!

OU Physicians Patient Sep 28, 2015

the health care provider showed me everything I had and recommended future course of action.

OU Physicians Patient Sep 28, 2015

Appreciated his thoughts and explanations for me

OU Physicians Patient Aug 24, 2015


OU Physicians Patient Aug 14, 2015

excellent clinically and personally. fine physician highly recommend

OU Physicians Patient Aug 7, 2015


OU Physicians Patient Aug 7, 2015

Positive experience.

OU Physicians Patient Aug 3, 2015

Dr. Michael Cookson is one of the most amazing doctors I have ever met! He is so freaking smart yet manages to come down to my intellect level when explaining things. My wife and I credit my survival of Bladder Cancer to him, as well as the amazing recovery since! He is nothing shy of AWESOME!

OU Physicians Patient Jul 20, 2015

I like Dr Cookson, but he is a surgeon, and recommends surgery for my problem. I believe that health problems should be evaluated for the best treatment, which yields the best result and considers quality of life. This is NOT done, treatments are usually prescribed considering the equipment or services that your physician can provide, not what is best for the patient. Treatment planning should be the product of a board, and be suggested to the patient with all the pros and cons.....

OU Physicians Patient Jul 20, 2015

Explained all the options to me in terms I could understand, to help me make the decision that was best for me.

OU Physicians Patient Jun 30, 2015

All were oncerned and professional

OU Physicians Patient May 11, 2015

I trust Dr. Cookson. His bedside demeanor is outstanding.

OU Physicians Patient Apr 20, 2015

Dr. Cookson was great!

OU Physicians Patient Mar 23, 2015

My doctors make me feel that I am their only patient and my needs are important to them. I am very comfortable with them.

OU Physicians Patient Mar 16, 2015