Kevin Watson

Kevin Watson, M.D.

  • Psychiatry
4.9 / 598 Ratings53 Comments

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Williams Pavilion
Psychiatry – Suite 3470
920 Stanton L. Young Blvd.
Oklahoma City, OK 73104
American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology
University of Oklahoma College of Medicine
Medical School
University of Oklahoma College of Medicine
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Patient Rating

4.9 / 598 Ratings53 Comments

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Patient Comments

He was genuinely nice and caring. I felt he listened to everything I had to say.

OU Physicians Patient Jun 24, 2020

Dr Watson is Professional and caring also very knowledgeable of his field.

OU Physicians Patient Jun 18, 2020

Dr. Watson is a good psychiatris. He helps me with my mental problems and does good by me.

OU Physicians Patient Jun 17, 2020

Dr. Watson has always listened to me & given good advice. He has & still tries to work on my medications as I'm a very complicated patient with many different illnesses. He's the one person I can talk openly about any of my issues without being embarrassed. He is a phenomenal Dr. & that cares about his patients. I'm blessed to have him as my psychiatrist. I have no one I can talk to about my issues, and when I leave my appointment I have a relief feeling since I was able to talk to someone.

OU Physicians Patient Jun 12, 2020

Dr. Watson is always professional and kind.

OU Physicians Patient Jun 11, 2020

I appreciate that Dr Watson always gives me options for my treatment and always explains thoroughly why he thinks a certain medication would be helpful. He always makes me feel like I'm a partner in my treatment. He's personable and friendly and easy to talk to.

OU Physicians Patient Jun 4, 2020

He was able to make the best out of a bad (pandemic) situation

OU Physicians Patient May 21, 2020

Dr Watson was great. Easy to talk to, helped me with medication and gave me a plan to move forward on my way to recovery

OU Physicians Patient May 19, 2020

Excellent Psychiatric skills. I trust him with my mental health.

OU Physicians Patient May 18, 2020

Dr. Watson is knowledgeable of my condition and professional in his care. I appreciate all that he does to better my condition.

OU Physicians Patient Apr 6, 2020

He is outstanding physician. My case is complicated. Very knowledgable and I am always treated with dignity and respect.

OU Physicians Patient Feb 4, 2020

He is very informative. Always aware of my history. Very personable and easy to communicate with.He is the Best!!

OU Physicians Patient Jan 23, 2020

Dr. Kevin Watson is simply, wonderful!

OU Physicians Patient Jan 23, 2020

Very kind, knowledgeable, and patience.

OU Physicians Patient Jan 13, 2020

I trust Dr. Watson with my Mental Health. He is knowledgeable and sincerity cares for my well being.

OU Physicians Patient Jan 13, 2020

Dr. Watson is a very kind Dr. I would recommend him to anybody.

OU Physicians Patient Jan 7, 2020

It is too bad we can't clone people. Doctor Watson is terrific. He is polite, he listens,he comes up with treatment ideas and he's cute.

OU Physicians Patient Dec 18, 2019

He's so professional, thoughtful, and tuned in to what I say and how I'm reacting to meds. He could not be better. In fact, I've always been impressed w the mental health department.

OU Physicians Patient Dec 16, 2019

Dr Watson is awesome, I couldn't imagine having a different doctor. I trust Dr. Watson with anything and everything when it comes to my care.

OU Physicians Patient Nov 25, 2019

I appreciate Dr. Watson very much!

OU Physicians Patient Nov 13, 2019

Dr. Watson is one of the best providers! Very Knowledgeable and compassionate.

OU Physicians Patient Nov 11, 2019

He truly listens to his patients, which makes it easier to open up to him. Would definitely recommend him.

OU Physicians Patient Nov 5, 2019

I have gotten the best care through the psychiatry department. Thank you. Dr. Watson is bright, thoughtful, professional. He experience and education have make a positive difference in my mental health.

OU Physicians Patient Oct 21, 2019

Dr Watson provides excellent and professional care to me. I highly respect his level of expertise in his field.

OU Physicians Patient Oct 16, 2019

Dr Watson is very thorough and professional.

OU Physicians Patient Oct 10, 2019

Dr.Watson is wonderful in every way. 5 stars

OU Physicians Patient Oct 9, 2019

Excellent all around!

OU Physicians Patient Sep 23, 2019

Dr Watson is very thorough with my mental health care. He always makes sure he's kept informed of any changes in my physical health then what's going on with my mental health. He's the most compassionate Dr I've ever been lucky enough to get to see and he is truly helping me feel better.

OU Physicians Patient Sep 17, 2019

Dr Watson provides me with excellent care.

OU Physicians Patient Sep 11, 2019

Been going to him for a long time. Always very polite and knowledgeable.

OU Physicians Patient Aug 21, 2019

I love Dr. Watson! He has taken very good care of me over the last year or so and always listens to my concerns. He makes it easy to be my own advocate in my care.

OU Physicians Patient Aug 14, 2019

Dr. Watson is very easy to talk to and works with me to best treat my anxiety and depression. He always takes my thoughts into consideration and we work together, which is a great feeling.

OU Physicians Patient Aug 12, 2019

Dr. Watson provides me with excellent care and he is knowledgeable regarding my mental health issues.

OU Physicians Patient Aug 12, 2019

Dr. Watson is caring, thorough, collaborative, and professional. He's terrific.

OU Physicians Patient Jul 25, 2019

He's very kind patient and understanding!!!

OU Physicians Patient Jul 24, 2019

Dr Watson is of course a wonderful doctor. Impeccable bedside manner, so-to-speak. But my experience from checking in to the front desk, to getting vitals, to seeing the doctor and then checking out is almost always flawless. In fact, the normal nurse that takes my vitals was backed up so another nurse from the back came out and took me back to her office to help move things along. Two thumbs up!

OU Physicians Patient Jul 16, 2019

Dr. Watson has been an incredible doctor. I very much enjoy being his patient.

OU Physicians Patient Jul 10, 2019

Dr Watson is very thorough and cares about my health. He listens to me whether it be about good or bad days, he shows the same caring attitude equally. He's also happy when something happens in my life that's positive because he truly about his patients. Dr.Watson is an Amazing person as well as a Dr and I not only trust my mental health with him but I trust my health in general with general. An asset to the OU Physicians staff.

OU Physicians Patient Jul 10, 2019

Very personable. Genuinely interested in me

OU Physicians Patient Jul 10, 2019

Dr Watson is knowledgeable regarding my case and my care. I trust him with my mental health needs.

OU Physicians Patient Jul 8, 2019

He pays attention to you and lets you tell him what you think and replys you're question in a manner you can understand.

OU Physicians Patient Jul 1, 2019

Dr. Watson is amazing. However, it seems the entire psychiatry department is overloaded with patients. I understand that this likely stems from the depressingly low support of mental health services in our state and in the insurance industry, but it does make it difficult to get appointments and there have been times that I've left messages and not had my calls returned.

OU Physicians Patient Jun 27, 2019

Dr. Watson was able to work me to his schedule when I was in crisis. More importantly, he sat and listened. He asked me motivational questions, gave me feedback, and help me gain some much-needed insight. He didn't "fix" me, but instead he helped me to start the identifying way that I can take better care of myself. I suspect that he worked through his lunch break. At the end of out session, he reviewed the med changes with me and presented a brief written summary. Dr. Thank you for not judging me and making time to listen. Unfortunately, I'm unable to articulate how grateful I am for Dr. W!

OU Physicians Patient Jun 25, 2019

Kevin Watson is amazing and should be an example for other MDs!

OU Physicians Patient Jun 25, 2019

I really like and trust Dr Watson he's always very professional and kind.

OU Physicians Patient Jun 20, 2019

Dr. Watson is always willing to listen to my thoughts on the medication I've been taking and adjust them if needed

OU Physicians Patient May 30, 2019

Dr Watson is knowledgeable about my case and condition and is helping me

OU Physicians Patient May 30, 2019

Saves my life, literally. Much respect and gratitude.

OU Physicians Patient May 23, 2019

Very calm and understanding. I've seen him before and he's been a very good physician.

OU Physicians Patient May 9, 2019

Dr. Watson, and everyone I've had contact with in the mental health department, has exceeded my expectations. It's such a good, helpful, supportive group. Great communication. I'm impressed.

OU Physicians Patient May 6, 2019

Dr Watson is an awesome doctor! Better than any of the others doctors I've had.

OU Physicians Patient May 2, 2019

Dr. Watson is anazing he always listens to me and is very courteous of my thoughts.

OU Physicians Patient May 1, 2019

Dr. Watson is the best physiatrist I have ever had. He listens to me and offers suggestions and ask my thoughts before changing any of my medication. I trust him completely.

OU Physicians Patient May 1, 2019