John E.. Grunow

John E. Grunow, MD

  • Pediatric Gastroenterology
4.9 / 5386 Ratings59 Comments

“Quality clinical outcomes result when informed, activated families work with prepared, proactive medical staff.”

general information

OU Children's Physicians Building
Gastroenterology – Suite 9E
1200 Children's Ave.
Oklahoma City, OK 73104
American Board of Pediatrics
Sub-Specialty Certification
Pediatric gastroenterology
Oklahoma Children's Memorial Hospital
Oklahoma Children's Memorial Hospital
Medical School
University of Texas Southwestern Medical School
Areas of Expertise
Inflammatory bowel disease
"Best Doctors" by Best Doctors Inc.
- 2014-2015
- 2017-2018
Section Chief Pediatric Gastroenterology
Languages Spoken

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Patient Rating

4.9 / 5386 Ratings59 Comments

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Patient Comments

OU Medical will be hard pressed to find a replacement for Dr.Grunow after his retirement.

OU Physicians Patient Jun 29, 2020

Dr Grunow is an excellent caring physician. We will miss him!!

OU Physicians Patient Jun 10, 2020

They have done an excellent job all around. Kind, knowledgeable, excellent nurses and physicians.

OU Physicians Patient Jan 8, 2020

Dr. Grunow has improved my granddaughters life so much with his care. We will miss him when he retires.

OU Physicians Patient Jan 8, 2020

I love Dr. Grunow with all my heart along with the rest of the caring GI Clinic!!

OU Physicians Patient Jan 6, 2020

Our provider is great. However, we are more and more frustrated with OU Children's labs. The wait time is continuing to increase and there are simply not enough staff. This last visit almost took 2 hours of waiting before seeing the nurse for the labs.

OU Physicians Patient Dec 16, 2019

He was very attentive to our concerns. He explained our options and what the next steps would be if this didn't work. He did not seem to be in a hurry and made sure all of our questions were answered before he left.

OU Physicians Patient Nov 20, 2019

Dr Grunow is so compassionate and professional! We feel truly blessed that he is my son's doctor- we only wished Dr Grunow would never retire and would continue to be his doctor throughout his adult life too!!!!

OU Physicians Patient Oct 9, 2019

Dr. Grunow is fantastic at diagnosing difficult things. His answers ended a year of unexplained pain for our son. He is the best!

OU Physicians Patient Oct 9, 2019

Dr. Grunow is awesome, he knows his patients history, and seems to have the memory of an elephant, we love him. He explains things in detail without talking down to you. We walk out smiling, he is a pleasant doctor to get to spend an hour with.

OU Physicians Patient Sep 16, 2019

Very friendly listens to whats going on explains everything in detail

OU Physicians Patient Sep 4, 2019

It take me 1 1/2 hours to get to the hospital. I didn't get in to the Doctor for an hour and 15 minutes after scheduled time. The sign said he was running on time. Had I known I would have to wait that long I would have gone and had lunch. My appointment showed the duration of 15 minutes. The Doctor was not on time.

OU Physicians Patient Aug 5, 2019

Dr. Grunow is amazing! I wish he could be my child's pediatrician, that's how much we love him! He never rushes us out, he always listens to us very carefully and is VERY knowledgeable about our concerns. He has brought our child so far health wise & has made our lives better. We love you Dr. Grunow!! The Andrews

OU Physicians Patient Aug 5, 2019

Dr Grunow has been a blessing. Without him my son woukd have not been diagnosed. We had another probivider before who was a joke. My son is in good hands. Hes everything you wouls want and expect in a doctor. With this being said he represents OU well.

OU Physicians Patient Jul 29, 2019

LOVE Dr.Grunow! He seems to be one of the last doctors who genuinely care about your child and young person. He is the best along with,his amazing staff!

OU Physicians Patient Jul 24, 2019

We thank God for Dr. Grunow's compassionate care for our children (and us ;))

OU Physicians Patient Jul 24, 2019

We have been seeing Dr. Grunow for 16 years and love him. We will be very sorry to see him go.

OU Physicians Patient Jul 22, 2019

Dr. Grunow is compassionate, knowledgeable, and highly experienced. His gentle manner with pediatric patients and their families brings calm and confidence during times of uncertainty and fear. His insistence that patients have age appropriate knowledge of their condition(s) and that they develop their ability to speak of themselves openly, empowers them to be less intimidated during times when they feel "different" from their peers. He is dedicated to staying updated on gastroenterology research and practices so his patients are ensured the best care plans possible. His team's approach of whole health is excellent!

OU Physicians Patient Jul 22, 2019

After our first visit and her improvement from his direction I have hàd the upmost confidence in his treatment and care of her.

OU Physicians Patient Jul 17, 2019

Very attentive, takes time to sit with you and hear your needs and respond back, truly kind and caring. Extremely knowledgeable!

OU Physicians Patient Jul 10, 2019

Dr.Grunow is amazing! He really cares about my son and his care.

OU Physicians Patient Jun 5, 2019

His office staff are super friendly and always greet us with a smile

OU Physicians Patient May 15, 2019

Dr Grunow is a wonderful doctor who knows his information and takes the time to truly help his patients.

OU Physicians Patient Apr 29, 2019

Dr. Grunow is an amazing doctor! He has changed our life and I mean that!

OU Physicians Patient Apr 15, 2019

Dr. Grunow was very thorough, explaining in detail information that we needed to know about an upcoming colonoscopy for our little boy. We felt comfortable asking questions and discussing any concerns.

OU Physicians Patient Mar 20, 2019

Scheduler and ladies at front desk were not friendly. The doctor and nurses staff were great though and they were very nice.

OU Physicians Patient Mar 20, 2019

Dr Grunow is the best, there is no one else I would trust my daughters care to. He is an amazing doctor.

OU Physicians Patient Feb 13, 2019

Dr. Grunow has always been a very good doctor. Very thorough and doing everything available to help discover our daughter's health problem. He has always been very kind, listens to us and connects with us in every appointment. We feel a connection with this staff and don't want to ever have to leave their care!

OU Physicians Patient Aug 1, 2018

I've been told that my daughter, who is under the age of 18, needs to be making decisions about her treatment. She's #1. a minor, #2. not paying for any of the procedures that need to be done, and #3. it's my responsibility to make all medical decisions for her until she is of age and has the means to provide for herself. I do not appreciate it being implied that I'm controlling, that's kind of my job at this point. She's my kid and her life means more to me than it does to anyone in that room. I do appreciate doctors that are practicing medicine, but to me this is not a practice- this is my life. Telling parents to let minors make medical decisions in not helping them, it's our job to teach them how to do this and we are the ones to carry the financial burdens.

OU Physicians Patient Jun 4, 2018

Dr. grunow is a very kind, wonderful doctor!

OU Physicians Patient May 9, 2018

we love dr g, he has been a God send during my sons illness

OU Physicians Patient Apr 23, 2018

I believe he has done all he knows its just time to do something new what we are doing is not working.

OU Physicians Patient Apr 23, 2018

I have my confidence in this provider f oh r GI then any others we have seen

OU Physicians Patient Apr 16, 2018

We were referred to Dr.Grunow and I was very impressed with him. He was very professional and explained in detail what was going on with my son. He also talked to my son (who is 12) about his health and what he needs to do. Very nice guy and I would definitely recommend him!

OU Physicians Patient Jan 31, 2018

he was great, listened to what we had to say and was very friendly.

OU Physicians Patient Sep 13, 2017

We spent the least amount of time with the doctor. Lots of time with the fellows, nutritionist, and the nurse at the end. WAY too much time with ALL THE OTHER people.

OU Physicians Patient Jul 10, 2017

We absolutely love this clinic!

OU Physicians Patient Jun 7, 2017

we LOVE Dr. Grunow and hope he never retires! :)

OU Physicians Patient May 3, 2017

I love Dr. Grunow and his staff. They literally healed my son and made our lives so much better.

OU Physicians Patient Oct 17, 2016

we absolutely love Dr. Gruno! He is such a great doctor and shows genuine care for his patients. He takes time to explain what is going on and all of the treatment options in great detail and in simple, easy to understand terms. I appreciate his time and candor during our discussions about my child's care.

OU Physicians Patient Oct 10, 2016

We've been very worried about our toddler and her motility issues and desperately want her to get better. Every time we see Dr. Grunow we just feel reassured and confident that we're doing what we should be doing. He answers even my silliest of questions with a smile on his face. I wish we could clone him b/c everyone needs a doctor like him!

OU Physicians Patient Oct 5, 2016

i can't see trusting any other dr as much as I trust Dr. Grunow! He has been a blessing and an answer to prayers!

OU Physicians Patient Aug 15, 2016

I mentioned how pleased I am with Dr. Grunow in a previous comment section. He is the best! He shows extreme compassion and care and understanding and he is also very knowledgable which gives me peace and confidence.

OU Physicians Patient Jul 18, 2016

Dr Grunow is an extremely knowledgable physician. he interacts wonderfully with my daughter. genuinely seems to care. i would highly recommend him.

OU Physicians Patient Jul 13, 2016

He was nice and listened to all of my concerns but only took about 30 seconds to a minute to actual interact/examine my child.

OU Physicians Patient Jun 22, 2016

I personally do not recommend friends and family to any business if their staff is unfriendly, rude, and unhelpful.

OU Physicians Patient Jun 22, 2016

______ is my 4th son. I have been to multiple physician's over the 20+ years of raising my boys. Dr. Grunow is by far the very best at explaining any problems/solutions. He sits down close by and even draws pictures to help understanding. I was very happy when ______ was referred to him again. I knew we would have great care!

OU Physicians Patient Apr 27, 2016

Dr. Grunow is a fabulous physician. He genuinely seems to care, is extremely knowledgeable, listens intently and is great with my daughter.

OU Physicians Patient Apr 13, 2016

All of my daughter's visits take quite a bit of time, but this visit was ridiculous. We waited more than an hour to go back, then had to speak with the psychiatrist, then Dr. Grunow came in. He was in for 3minutes, tops, made two comments, palpated her abdomen in two places, then walked out the door without comment.

OU Physicians Patient Apr 4, 2016

We trust Dr. G with our daughters life, literally.

OU Physicians Patient Mar 30, 2016

Dr. Grunow is the best doctor anyone could ask for. He is truly concerned with how you are doing and has a passion for helping people. I am so greatful to have found a doctor like him.

OU Physicians Patient Jan 25, 2016

Dr. Grunow has been our Dr for over 16 years and we trust him with the lives of our children. He is very compassionate and always treats us with respect. He also communicates with my girls and values what they have to say about their own health. It makes them feel involved in the treatment.

OU Physicians Patient Jan 20, 2016

All the providers are fantastic. We can't imagine better care.

OU Physicians Patient Sep 28, 2015

he was very personable and cared!

OU Physicians Patient Sep 14, 2015

I like this doctor, but wish he had more alternatives or could research alternatives for us to explore-such as food allergies, to avoid medications

OU Physicians Patient Aug 5, 2015

a resident participated in my daughter's care during her last visit. This doubled our visit time. Dr. grunow's time was very short with my daughter.

OU Physicians Patient Jul 27, 2015

this visit I had a fellow. due to computer glitches she knew nothing about my child. it was too much to try _____ over almost 7 years of history with my child. I I also could not communicate well with her which I think affected the office visit in general to be a negative experience.

OU Physicians Patient Jul 1, 2015

We are thankful for Dr. Grunow and all he's done for our child.

OU Physicians Patient Jun 29, 2015

Dr Grunow is a great doctor, but I would not recommend because of the scheduling and wait times at visits.

OU Physicians Patient Jun 22, 2015