Issam  Mohammed. El-Halabi

Issam Mohammed El-Halabi, MD

  • Pediatric Gastroenterology
4.6 / 5246 Ratings38 Comments

general information

OU Children's Physicians Building
Gastroenterology – Suite 9E
1200 Children's Ave.
Oklahoma City, OK 73104
American Board of Pediatrics
Sub: Pediatric Gastroenterology
University of Oklahoma College of Medicine
University of Iowa
Medical School
University of Jordan
Areas of Expertise
Disorders of the digestive system
Eosinophilic esophagitis
Celiac disease
Inflammatory bowel disease
Gastroesophegeal reflux (GERD)
Member of the North American Society of Pediatric Gastroeneterology
Hepatology and Nutrition and Crohn's and Colitis Foundation

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Patient Rating

4.6 / 5246 Ratings38 Comments

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Patient Comments

Excellent- upon arrival I was seen almost immediately. It could not have went better.

OU Physicians Patient Aug 22, 2019

The wait was way too long

OU Physicians Patient Aug 21, 2019

Hope he can help our child solve her issues

OU Physicians Patient Aug 14, 2019

He is very friendly, but also is very fast. He doesn't really discuss options or asks for questions. He tells you what his treatment plan is and doesn't leave much room for an open discussion. My son is very comfortable with him and enjoys going to the clinic.

OU Physicians Patient Jul 22, 2019

He was very thorough when explaining my child's health and plan moving forward. He took time to sit and listen to my questions and concerns then answered thoughtfully.

OU Physicians Patient Jul 5, 2019

Very kind and genuine

OU Physicians Patient Jul 1, 2019

He is a good Dr. An kind, friendly

OU Physicians Patient Jun 20, 2019

I love Dr Halabi. He is great with my son! He always makes sure we both understand what is going on with his care and makes sure we don't have any questions before the end of our appointment. Never is rushed.

OU Physicians Patient Jun 19, 2019

The staff is very courteous. Arriving and being seen was very punctual. However, do to extenuating circumstances that can't be helped, I may be changing to a physician that is closer to my residence.

OU Physicians Patient May 16, 2019

All was great

OU Physicians Patient May 15, 2019

He listened and took time to answer my questions. We arrived early and didn't have to wait long to see him

OU Physicians Patient Apr 26, 2019

Dr Halabi was very nice and easy to talk to. However, I wish that he would have been able to schedule all tests needed at the time of the appointment. He told me my child has reflux which I already knew and stated we would do an X-ray in 3 weeks. I drove 3 hours to be told no new information and to come back in 3 weeks for an X-ray and one month for a follow-up. This is not doable with the distance and I wish that would have been taken into consideration. I was disappointed to wait for a specialist and not get any answers.

OU Physicians Patient Apr 22, 2019

Great meeting, everything concerning my daughters condition was discussed and we are happy with the treatment going forward.

OU Physicians Patient Apr 8, 2019

Even though the visit was brief he seemed very professional and knowledgeable.

OU Physicians Patient Apr 3, 2019

Excellent service.

OU Physicians Patient Mar 18, 2019

Dr Halabi has been so kind through this process. We were beside ourselves trying to figure out this child's severe abdominal pain. After many doctors and trips to the ER we were finally referred to Dr Halabi and he knew exactly where to start

OU Physicians Patient Mar 18, 2019

The staff is terrible, we actually had to find another Dr because I didn't trust this staff with my child's care.

OU Physicians Patient Jan 31, 2019

I know there is information in her chart but this was the first wehad seen this new Dr. He didn't ask any questions about her Spina bifida or neurogenic bowels. He just said we needed to firm up her bowels. We have always been told to loosen them now we are being told opposite.

OU Physicians Patient Nov 9, 2018

Dr. El Halabi diagnosed my son's illness when other specialists could not. For that --I am very grateful. He persevered and didn't give up. I will be eternally grateful for that. However, it is difficult to get through to his office (voicemail box is usually full) and getting info has been difficult at times with my local Pediatrician and his office. It's also hard to get into to see him or do any procedures within a timely manner.

OU Physicians Patient Nov 5, 2018

I feel as the doctor is courteous and cares, but is in a hurry every time and is very hard to schedule an appointment (2-3 months waiting time) probably as a result of a large client load. As a result, after every visit I feel that my concerns were not heard and questions answered.

OU Physicians Patient Dec 11, 2017

Dr. H is caring and very knowledgeable! I'm so happy that we have found a GI doctor that his goal is to help kids get betuter. His staff was also very sweet!

OU Physicians Patient Apr 13, 2017

After a year we still aren't sure what is causing the problems. All I know is my daughter has gained a lot of weight the last year and her poor little face looks almost like a balloon.

OU Physicians Patient Apr 5, 2017

Excellent experience from start to finish!

OU Physicians Patient Jan 30, 2017

he was so great. knowledgeable and compassionate

OU Physicians Patient Dec 9, 2016

My husband and I would absolutely recommend Dr. Halabi to others. He and the staff were wonderful!

OU Physicians Patient Oct 3, 2016

He came into the room already knowing what was wrong with my child before even looking at him and had told me that my son's health care provider had blown this out of proportion. I was right then turned off to what he had to say. I had told him that my son did lose 2 pounds but he said his weight was fine (Yes it was fine because for the past 2 weeks I was working hard to get it back up). But I did not tell him that because it would seem like I would be wasting his time because my child was not an emergency to him. He may have taking 15 seconds to look at my son and asked me if I understood what acid reflex was and if I had any questions for him and if I understood what he was saying. No I don't have questions for you when you have very little interest in my son. He did tell me he was sorry that I drove all the way from Ponca City (for that diagnoses). He could learn some bedside manors and this is my baby who is having trouble keeping down liquids and has lost weight to the vomiting and who has been dehydrated and I need a little bit more than acid reflex or allergies. If it something that he may grow out of then give me some advice to help to with all the other problems so he his not afraid to eat or drink. Very disappointed in Children's G.I.

OU Physicians Patient Sep 30, 2016


OU Physicians Patient Jul 28, 2016

I will be switching doctors because I feel there is more that can be done!!!

OU Physicians Patient Jul 27, 2016

The way he listened and talked to me was what appreciated most.

OU Physicians Patient Jun 6, 2016

He was very nice and very concerned as I am with ____'s problem. He asked questions and paid vet close attention to us. He explained every process that was going to happen and mad sure u understood everything.

OU Physicians Patient Apr 25, 2016

They have a great team very caring, was really impressed!

OU Physicians Patient Mar 18, 2016

Dr Kumar and Dr Halabi were wonderful! They were very kind to my daughter and me.

OU Physicians Patient Mar 4, 2016

We had Dr. Halabi and another Dr. (I can't remember her name). They were both very personable, very comforting and made me as a parent feel at ease about the issues my daughter is having.

OU Physicians Patient Dec 11, 2015

There was another (Doctor?) with Dr. Halabi for this visit, and she was not very well introduced. She also stood in the background checking her phone every few minutes, which seemed inappropriate and distracting.

OU Physicians Patient Nov 23, 2015


OU Physicians Patient Oct 16, 2015

This last visit the provider did not talk about current medication to continue or not. Also, provider did not give instructions to set up a follow up appointment after the next test.

OU Physicians Patient Jun 17, 2015

overall excellent service from the provider

OU Physicians Patient Apr 27, 2015

Written reasons why my son has this problem and what I could have done to prevented it would help out a lot. (Cause and effect)

OU Physicians Patient Mar 9, 2015