Heather Thompson

Heather Thompson, PA-C

  • Orthopedic Surgery
4.8 / 5578 Ratings113 Comments

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OU Physicians Building
Orthopedic Surgery – Suite 1G
825 N.E. 10th St.
Oklahoma City, OK 73104
National Commision on Certification of Physician Assistants
Medical School
Master of Health Science
Physician Associate: University of Oklahoma College of Medicine
Languages Spoken

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Patient Rating

4.8 / 5578 Ratings113 Comments

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Patient Comments

It's very professional and very careing thank you

OU Physicians Patient May 5, 2020

great service from heather thompson pac

OU Physicians Patient Apr 28, 2020

Very kind lady dr

OU Physicians Patient Apr 13, 2020

This provider is very confident and is very careing and a true professional. I am very grateful to have her as one of my drs

OU Physicians Patient Jan 22, 2020

She did well but needed to focus on that I had issues with both elbows. Her first diagnosis was to blame it on the issue in my other elbow

OU Physicians Patient Jan 16, 2020

The PA went over the info we knew but did not give us an answer to the patient's weakness other than we needed to seek other help.

OU Physicians Patient Jan 16, 2020

She's awesome

OU Physicians Patient Jan 14, 2020

I had a busy day at the OU Medical Campus but everybody helped by rearranging my schedule to fit as needed especially radiology.It was a great help.

OU Physicians Patient Jan 8, 2020

Coordination with hospital admin. and scheduled labs and X-rays on the same day was much appreciated.

OU Physicians Patient Jan 8, 2020

Provider and staff could not be more friendly to me. Highly recommended to everyone to use. ??

OU Physicians Patient Jan 2, 2020

Heather wasn't even there although my appointment was supposed to be with her. I had to ask for someone else besides the cast wrapper to access the healing of my ankle.

OU Physicians Patient Dec 20, 2019

She very kindly worked me in for that appt

OU Physicians Patient Dec 17, 2019

Very nice well informed professional physician

OU Physicians Patient Dec 17, 2019

I love Dr Kammerlaucher. He has done an amazing job on my ankle

OU Physicians Patient Dec 16, 2019


OU Physicians Patient Dec 11, 2019

Staff was nice

OU Physicians Patient Dec 10, 2019

Great customer service and compassionate care!

OU Physicians Patient Dec 5, 2019

Excellent communication skills, genuine concern, clear explanation of surgery.

OU Physicians Patient Dec 3, 2019

My first time with her. Very professional and pleasant person.

OU Physicians Patient Nov 19, 2019

Heather is great to work with regarding my surgery and follow-up. She is professional, helpful and a good listener. Thank you.

OU Physicians Patient Nov 18, 2019

Very nice and professional

OU Physicians Patient Nov 5, 2019

She was very knowledgeable and sweet for taking my appointment when the office had messed up my appointment.

OU Physicians Patient Nov 4, 2019

Unfortunately I did not feel like she had full knowledge of my past medical history or the procedure I would be undergoing or the expected weight-bearing after surgery.

OU Physicians Patient Oct 22, 2019

Friendly personality

OU Physicians Patient Oct 22, 2019

Very friendly and knowledgeable

OU Physicians Patient Oct 8, 2019

Went smooth

OU Physicians Patient Oct 8, 2019

Although the outcome was not what I was expecting, I appreciate her honesty and suggestions.

OU Physicians Patient Oct 7, 2019

Heather is a good PA in that she listened to my questions and provided answers as she could. This was my first visit with her, and she did not know my medical history, which is understandable. She did show concern for my issues, which I appreciated very much. She was helpful and made good suggestions.

OU Physicians Patient Sep 26, 2019

All the staff was very friendly and helpful.

OU Physicians Patient Sep 24, 2019

Heather is good. However your plastic surgery department sucks. I would like to file a complaint against them but don't know who to call

OU Physicians Patient Sep 19, 2019

This provider makes it so comfortable

OU Physicians Patient Sep 18, 2019

She was delayed by 30 minutes while we waited in the exam room. She was very rushed and spoke very quickly, because my next appointment at the Edmond hospital was less than an hour away. After checking out and getting the car we managed to arrive three minutes before the appointment. I know some things come up unexpectedly, but I didn't get to ask enough questions. I have written them down to ask the doctor on my next visit.

OU Physicians Patient Sep 12, 2019

Very nice

OU Physicians Patient Sep 11, 2019

Had a very nice appointment. I even got in a bit early. The ladies at the front desk were very pleasant. The X-ray person explained everything in detail and was very helpful. The PA and her staff were very helpful and thorough. Will definitely return to her!

OU Physicians Patient Sep 11, 2019

Very nice and professional

OU Physicians Patient Sep 11, 2019

Treated me with respect and care!

OU Physicians Patient Sep 9, 2019

She was friendly and listened to my concerns and was responsive.

OU Physicians Patient Sep 5, 2019

She was very efficient and pleasant

OU Physicians Patient Sep 3, 2019

Listened to what I had to say. Discussed plan of care.

OU Physicians Patient Aug 28, 2019

Heather was very informative, pleasant, gentle and patient while caring for me. I would love to see her on all my visits!

OU Physicians Patient Aug 15, 2019

She set my mind at ease.

OU Physicians Patient Aug 14, 2019

She was very kind and friendly

OU Physicians Patient Aug 14, 2019

All personal was very friendly,and answered any questions I had.

OU Physicians Patient Aug 1, 2019

She was definitely considerate of what I' been through and gave me encouragement.

OU Physicians Patient Jul 18, 2019

Dr. Thompson is great! She always listens & answers all my questions. I never feel rushed through my appointment!!

OU Physicians Patient Jul 18, 2019

I felt the Outpatient Hospital is dirty, visually, and by smell. After filling out paperwork I was repeatedly asked about the same information. Why do I waste my time and energy filling out paperwork for it not to be used? Since I'm already an OU patient why would I need to continuously give my history? It's one thing to confirm medicine for changes it's another to go over every single operation and full history. I like the physicians and almost all the staff but your processing and cleanliness at this facility are horrible.

OU Physicians Patient Jul 2, 2019

The whole appt was quick and smooth. Everyone involved were polite and worked with my wife's hectic work and school schedule.

OU Physicians Patient Jun 13, 2019

Heather always takes time to answer questions.

OU Physicians Patient Jun 6, 2019

Very nice and listen to us and told us what to except with my knee surgery.

OU Physicians Patient May 8, 2019

Time to ask questions and learn about how long recovery should take too get back to normal

OU Physicians Patient May 1, 2019

Very helpful, helped me to understand why I had the pain, and then treated for the pain.

OU Physicians Patient Apr 17, 2019

Heather Thompson was knowledgeable and was very reassuring. Furthermore, it was actually not difficult to get an appointment with her. My problem originated in Internal Medicine where the referral was going to be made, but no referral was forthcoming. After waiting a few days, I called Orthopedics to ask if they had received the referral. They had not. However, they immediately contacted Internal Medicine, got the referral and made an appointment with me ASAP.

OU Physicians Patient Apr 15, 2019

Friendly, knowledgeable, and helpful

OU Physicians Patient Apr 4, 2019

Very caring, helpful, and comforting

OU Physicians Patient Apr 2, 2019

Dr Thompson was really helpful and informative about what I need to go forward

OU Physicians Patient Mar 28, 2019

Everyone I encountered during my appointment was great.

OU Physicians Patient Mar 27, 2019

Everyone was very nice and professional except the MA she acted like she was in a hurry not very nice

OU Physicians Patient Mar 25, 2019

Office staff is always courteous and accommodating.

OU Physicians Patient Mar 25, 2019

She's an excellent PA and was nice as a person and doctor. I would go to her and trust her any time. Thanks for your care.

OU Physicians Patient Mar 14, 2019

Very friendly. Answered all my questions with good knowledge of what I was needing. Very efficient. In and out in no time.

OU Physicians Patient Mar 14, 2019

The provider was great...however, the forms one is asked to fill out are small type font and little space to write answers requiring that. Example being a list of medications with only four lines to write on.

OU Physicians Patient Mar 13, 2019

The young man who re-wrapped my foot could have wrapped it better. My PT had to re-wrap it this morning. Was loose since yesterday.

OU Physicians Patient Mar 12, 2019

The nurses and anesthesiologists were great also!

OU Physicians Patient Mar 12, 2019

She was very concerned about his well being. Took her time to explain to my son what he needs to be doing within the next ew weeks.

OU Physicians Patient Mar 11, 2019

She was very easy to talk with and very nice. I trusted everything she discussed with me.

OU Physicians Patient Mar 11, 2019

I have ALWAYS had great experiences with Dr Chris White and his team! What an incredible group of doctors and nurses!

OU Physicians Patient Feb 27, 2019

I am so thankful for Dr. Thakral, Heather Thompson and the staff that assists them. They have taken such excellent care of me. I could not have had better care. Thank you so much. From the people at the reception desk to the person at the checkout...wonderful, caring people.

OU Physicians Patient Feb 26, 2019

Kind. Caring, empathetic

OU Physicians Patient Feb 11, 2019

Heather was very thorough and very professional.

OU Physicians Patient Feb 7, 2019

PA heather is a "keeper" never let her leave.

OU Physicians Patient Nov 12, 2018

very compassionate, listened to my concerns about medication & therapy

OU Physicians Patient Aug 8, 2018

I was very disappointed in this provider. I have been a patient in this clinic for a number of years and have always received excellent care. I the Dr who I usually see was not in clinic so I agreed to see this PA. her attitude was disinterested and offered very little information. she did recommend I return in 2 weeks to see my Dr. I did not disclose that I was a nurse practitioner during this visit.

OU Physicians Patient Jul 9, 2018

Heather Thomas is amazing. She always remembers me and asks about something we talked about at a previous appointment. I receive injections in my shoulder from her and she makes it nearly painless. She is so knowledgeable about what she does and answers all of my questions (I have a lot of them!), always setting my mind at ease before I leave.

OU Physicians Patient Jun 19, 2018

I just have a problem having to see a PA and pay the same amount as I pay for seeing a MD. Something should be done to address this. Money is tight and it is frustrating.

OU Physicians Patient May 22, 2018

Very good in every way

OU Physicians Patient May 21, 2018

My appt was 8:30 on Tuesday morning but the staff requested that I get there around 8 in case I needed xrays that I requested. Everything went smoothly and the staff was able to get my xrays processed in a timely manner. I met with the PA to go over the results and get some injections that I was there for. I then made a follow up appt with Dr Pasque in approx. 6 weeks to further address the results of the xrays. Later that afternoon, I had some follow up questions for the PA and called the office around 12:30 pm and had to leave a voicemail on an automated answering service that stated that a return call would made on same day as long as message was left before 3:30. I did not receive a call back on that Tuesday so I called the office on Weds at 10:00 am and spoke to a person that took my message and said that I should receive a call back from the PA the same day. I did not receive a return call on Weds, so I called back on Thurs and the staff was able to get Robin on phone to discuss my questions. Robin was fantastic and was able to address any issues that I had and also facilitated the follow up MRI apt and moved up my follow up appt with Dr Pasque

OU Physicians Patient Apr 24, 2018

The hesitancy in recommending this practice to anyone is that sometimes it's difficult to actually get an appointment.

OU Physicians Patient Apr 9, 2018


OU Physicians Patient Mar 8, 2018

They generally said who they were, but not always why and what they were going to do with me or for me relating to the procedure.

OU Physicians Patient Feb 5, 2018

Dr Helieem always very kind and informative... I have great faith in him and his work... thanks

OU Physicians Patient Jan 10, 2018

PA was rushing and didn't listen to me

OU Physicians Patient Dec 21, 2017

Heather is an exceptional PA. She knew exactly what she was doing and what needed to be done. I trust her completely.

OU Physicians Patient Nov 30, 2017


OU Physicians Patient Nov 21, 2017

it was a very good experience

OU Physicians Patient Nov 7, 2017

This was a pre-op appt. I very pleased with all aspects of care & personnel.

OU Physicians Patient Oct 23, 2017


OU Physicians Patient Oct 23, 2017

Dr. Teague and Heather we're very good taking care of our needs. And the technician that put the cast on took lots of care explaining what she was doing and doing it as painless as possible

OU Physicians Patient Oct 17, 2017


OU Physicians Patient May 30, 2017

I am completely satisfied with my care.

OU Physicians Patient May 9, 2017

Appreciate Heather in addressing my concern about the next alternative if the current Cortizone Injection don't help my knee. She mentioned a gel injection to cushion my knee in the event that the current method deteriorates.

OU Physicians Patient Apr 13, 2017


OU Physicians Patient Apr 13, 2017

Care provider on this date, Heather, removed staples from surgical site and applied steri strips that were supposed to stay on at least ten day, but most had came off in two to three days!

OU Physicians Patient Mar 22, 2017

great group of individuals

OU Physicians Patient Mar 22, 2017

Great friendly staff

OU Physicians Patient Feb 27, 2017

She talked with the MD about my x-rays, and treatment plan for the day.

OU Physicians Patient Dec 14, 2016

Heather Thompson put me at ease upon her entrance. I felt very comfortable because she made direct eye contact when she explained my situation to me. She explained the dos & don'ts as applied to my situation with the cortisone shots. Made it plain to avoid heat and to avoid too much exercise or physical stress on my knee concerning my treatment.

OU Physicians Patient Dec 14, 2016

love the staff

OU Physicians Patient Nov 14, 2016

Overall great experience as I was assisted through this clinic. Everyone on this TEAM where professionals, who genuinely knew their job. This carried over into today as I was only too happy to complete this survey.

OU Physicians Patient Oct 13, 2016

One of your best.

OU Physicians Patient Sep 28, 2016

Heather is a kind and thorough care provider.

OU Physicians Patient Jun 21, 2016

Dr. Thakral and his entire staff are second to none in my opinion

OU Physicians Patient Jun 16, 2016

Professional, caring, concerned

OU Physicians Patient May 17, 2016

she was great! This not my first time with Heather, she is professional and caring.

OU Physicians Patient Apr 27, 2016

First time with Heather; very satisfied with her care. I didn't get a clear explanation of the X-ray of my foot - the first since surgery on March 28th. I think it's because she needed to talk c Dr. Haleem. I am fine with that, though I pray that the screws remain in place with sound healing!

OU Physicians Patient Apr 12, 2016

Heather was supposed to talk to Dr. Thakral concerning two issues that I have preoperatively. She said she would call me later that afternoon. It has now been more than 24 hours and she has not called me yet.

OU Physicians Patient Apr 12, 2016

Heather Thompson is a caring kind person. She is knowledgeable and knows how to take care of me. I trust her completely.

OU Physicians Patient Mar 4, 2016

Have recommended this practice to several friends, all of which have either made appointments or have already seen Dr. Christopher White or his P.A. Heather.

OU Physicians Patient Nov 11, 2015

Usually I see Dr. Christopher white. This visit was with his PA, Heather. She was just as helpful and reliable as Dr. White is normally. I have full faith in her abilities as if she was Dr. White.

OU Physicians Patient Oct 21, 2015

I don't take many meds Heather explained in detail why I need to control pain after surgery. It is now the day after my surgery and I'm glad I listened to her instruction and followed thru

OU Physicians Patient Sep 17, 2015

very attentive and informative

OU Physicians Patient Aug 26, 2015

no idea what was causing pain referred me to someone else so it felt like a waste of my time and money

OU Physicians Patient Jul 30, 2015

The PA was amazing!! She really cared about my injury, and explained the next process in the plan.

OU Physicians Patient Jul 17, 2015

Both doctors and physician assistants I have seen at OU Physicians have been great.

OU Physicians Patient Jul 16, 2015