Dominic Frimberger

Dominic Frimberger, MD

  • Pediatric Urology
4.7 / 5564 Ratings38 Comments

“Serve the children of Oklahoma and their caregivers in all aspects of Pediatric Urology. Specialized in reconstructive surgery.”

general information

OU Children's Physicians Building
Urology – Suite 7D
1200 Children's Ave.
Oklahoma City, OK 73104
Additional Facility
OU Physicians at Edmond
14101 N. Eastern
Edmond, OK 73013
German Board of Urology
Johns Hopkins Hospital
Klinikum Grosshadern
University of Munich
Medical School
Areas of Expertise
Spina bifida
Vesicoureteral reflux
Reconstructive urology
Undescended testes
Genital/penile problems
"Best Doctors" by Best Doctors Inc.
- 2014-2015
- 2017-2018
Languages Spoken
German, English

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Patient Rating

4.7 / 5564 Ratings38 Comments

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Patient Comments

Excellent experience with Dr. Frimberger. I really appreciated the time he took with us, his ability to listen and understand my concerns about my son's condition, and his professionalism in giving medical guidance.

OU Physicians Patient Nov 16, 2017

Doctors were in and out in less than four minutes. I felt brushed off like my concerns were not important. I didn't feel assured with what he said but he's the expert.

OU Physicians Patient Oct 16, 2017

We were completely impressed with the doctor and the doctor with him who was working on completing his residency.

OU Physicians Patient Aug 21, 2017

Experience is generally superb with this provider. However, being one of the last patients of the day seemed to make it a poor experience.

OU Physicians Patient Aug 21, 2017

We love Dr. Frimberger and appreciate his kindness and humor. We also appreciate how he explains things and makes us as parents feel at ease that our son is in his care.

OU Physicians Patient Jun 26, 2017

Told us things completely different than the surgeon that completed his surgery. When we asked about it, he was hesitate in his response and didn't fully answer the questions.

OU Physicians Patient Jun 5, 2017

I don't feel like he took my concerns for my child into consideration or tried to do everything possible to help with the health issues my child was having.

OU Physicians Patient May 22, 2017

our PRN was great! Jonathan was his name.

OU Physicians Patient May 22, 2017

I have recommended this office to several people.

OU Physicians Patient Apr 7, 2017

We had who I assume was a resident or medical student do some teaching before the dr arrived but aside from his name he did not indicate who he was.

OU Physicians Patient Mar 6, 2017

He was a great dr and interacted with my son, making him feel comfortable and smile during appointments. I felt that my child was in the best hands possible with dr frimberger

OU Physicians Patient Mar 6, 2017

Went to this provider for a consultation for our adopted son who is 4 to get circumsised. This provider had a horrible attitude about the reason we were there and said "why fix something that isn't broken" we have never had an experience like this with any provider at ou childrens. We see 3 other providers there with our daughter and they are great. We will be seeking a second opinion for our son as this doctor was not helpful at all.

OU Physicians Patient Jan 9, 2017

Dr. Frimberger was really great! He took a lot of time to explain my child's condition and did his best to alleviate any worries. He gave me a tissue when I started to cry, and provided some research for me to take home on the subject. He didn't rush us at all & was wonderful with my son. Honestly, I could go on and on, this was the best experience we've ever had at Children's Hospital!

OU Physicians Patient Nov 21, 2016

The wait was way too long!

OU Physicians Patient Nov 14, 2016

I feel the doctor spoke fast and did not listen to me. I spoke with the office manager and then spoke with the doctor again but still left feeling uneasy and unhappy with the appointment. Maybe this just isn't the dr for us and I need to see someone who will spend more time with my family listening and speaking in a way I feel confident about my child's health and the steps we could possibly take in the future.

OU Physicians Patient Sep 16, 2016

This provider has a set of blinders on and will not listen to any other suggestions

OU Physicians Patient Sep 16, 2016

Dr. Frimburger was not good at explaining why we needed an ultrasound. He said it was necessary but then said he was in no danger of any cancer.

OU Physicians Patient Aug 19, 2016

Dr. Frimberger is awesome at communicating with us and with___. He genuinely cares about his patients and we can see that. He did not prescribe the allergy medication that ____ is taking, so that is why I marked no on the survey about talking about his medications.

OU Physicians Patient Aug 9, 2016

this was our first time with this dr. we love him. You can tell he truly cares

OU Physicians Patient Jul 26, 2016

Our appointment was just before noon and my son began to get hungry while we were there. This resulted in him acting like a brat before we left. Amy and the rest of the staff were so kind and patient with him, going above and beyond to make him happy. As a mom, I appreciated the extra effort they gave when he was being a well-behaved little boy.

OU Physicians Patient Jul 19, 2016

Would have liked the provider to describe how long approximately the surgery would take, any complications that may occur; as well as, what to expect after the surgery.

OU Physicians Patient Feb 11, 2016

He was thorough and explained the information and options well.

OU Physicians Patient Jan 26, 2016

He was awesome. My son was scared of him at first but quickly warmed up to him.

OU Physicians Patient Jan 5, 2016

Dismissive about our concerns for his delay in mobility. We expressed a sense of urgency (shared by several other doctors we had seen) and he downplayed the entire situation. Did not interact with my son hardly at all.

OU Physicians Patient Dec 22, 2015

good doctor. also had a social worker/patient advocate present during the appointment. great staff. tough case, but they have done a great job

OU Physicians Patient Oct 6, 2015

Our Dr has been amazing. He's been so thorough in explaining our son's condition. He's given us all the info we need to understand the situation as well as what we have coming in the future. He's awesome!

OU Physicians Patient Sep 22, 2015

The staff was very nice, but we were a little caught off guard by the social worker. A little more explanation about her role in the process would have been helpful.

OU Physicians Patient Sep 1, 2015

Dr. Frimberger is pleasant and we enjoyed our visits with him. when explaining things, he is thorough but not to the point of overwhelming you.

OU Physicians Patient Aug 18, 2015

I did not care for Dr. Frimberger. He was arrogant and appeared to be judgmental. I am a __ yr old white adoptive mother of 3 infants who are now __, __, and __yrs old. He came in with the assumption that I was the foster mother (asked if I was after he made comments that were negative and derogatory about my son) and did not treat me with the respect that I feel he would have given a younger parent with biological children. I will never recommend his services to another and will make sure my pediatrician knows about our experience so she is careful about future referrals for families similar to mine.

OU Physicians Patient Aug 4, 2015

We love Dr. Frimberger. Always so nice and explains things thoroughly (could be why our appointments are always starting late... if he does this with all other patients I can see why, and I'm okay with that!)

OU Physicians Patient Aug 4, 2015

We were supposed to be scheduled for a follow-up renal scan and ultrasound. Clinic said they would call us to confirm appointment. We have not heard back from them yet as of 8/4/15.

OU Physicians Patient Jul 28, 2015


OU Physicians Patient Jun 15, 2015

excellent surgeon. excellent instructions for follow up care.

OU Physicians Patient May 12, 2015

explained my sons condition with much detail that it made it easy to understand

OU Physicians Patient May 5, 2015

clinic has no changing table in men's restroom for me to use as a father, only one in the women's rest room. that should be remedied.

OU Physicians Patient Apr 28, 2015

I would highly recommend this office. We were so pleased with the entire experience. We saw Jake Conn and he was fantastic. He was thorough and very knowledgeable. My son and I both felt very comfortable with him. The rest of the staff was so great as well. Everyone was so helpful and on top of things...and the coupons for the free cookies were a fun bonus. :) I can't tell you how impressed I was with Children's Hospital. From the clinic side to the is a well-oiled machine. Everyone was so nice and accommodating. We are very thankful that we don't have to spend much time there, but we appreciate you making our first experience there so pleasant, easy, and comfortable.

OU Physicians Patient Apr 23, 2015

He is an excellent provider..

OU Physicians Patient Apr 21, 2015

The care provider was extremely helpful and although he could not do much his knowledge of my son situation was extremely helpful in calming my fears of his health

OU Physicians Patient Mar 10, 2015