David Kelley

David Kelley, MD

  • Family Medicine
4.9 / 5348 Ratings95 Comments

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OU Physicians Family Medicine
900 NE 10th St.
Oklahoma City, OK 73104
American Board of Family Practice
Family medicine
Adventist LaGrange Memorial Hospital
LaGrange IL
Medical School
Loyola Stritch School of Medicine
Maywood IL
Areas of Expertise
Primary care services for men
women and children
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Patient Rating

4.9 / 5348 Ratings95 Comments

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Patient Comments

Doctor Kelley is a excellent doctor he explained to me all of my health issues, and answered all of my questions concerning my health great doctor. thank you very much.

OU Physicians Patient Feb 4, 2020

Dr. David Kelley is the best.

OU Physicians Patient Feb 3, 2020

Dr Kelley is awesome and caring

OU Physicians Patient Feb 3, 2020

Dr. Kelley makes me feel heard and is extremely thorough.

OU Physicians Patient Jan 17, 2020

I trust Dr Kelley more than any other doctor that I see at OUHSC.

OU Physicians Patient Jan 9, 2020

Dr Kelley is a most dedicated and caring physician. I can talk with him just about anything and he sincerely listens and cares. He is the most wonderful physician I've ever had and would recommend Dr Kelley to anyone who is sincere about their health care.

OU Physicians Patient Jan 8, 2020

I love my doctor! Been with him for years! I don't want to see anyone else ever. I'm a very complicated case and I have always had the undivided attention from Dr Kelley when I can get in to see him. He is the best Dr I have ever had , but he seems spread really thin now and more difficult to get in too. When I need him as my primary in an immediate nature. Like in between a 2 month schedule appointment.

OU Physicians Patient Dec 19, 2019

Dr. Kelley is a great doctor. He listens and reassuring to me of my issues.

OU Physicians Patient Dec 19, 2019

Dr. Kelley is always very to the point and listens to what is said and has a possible solution for any new conditions.

OU Physicians Patient Dec 18, 2019

Excellent provider. Takes his time with you and asks questions as well as explains everything.

OU Physicians Patient Nov 22, 2019

I just want you know that my provider is the best. I just love him!

OU Physicians Patient Nov 4, 2019

This was my very first visit, so my dr wouldn't know my medical history, but he was very thorough. He's a fabulous doctor and I appreciate his care and concern

OU Physicians Patient Nov 4, 2019

Dr. Kelley really took the time to understand.

OU Physicians Patient Sep 20, 2019

Dr. Kelley is a very nice doctor an he has a sence of humor to I defienlty like him.

OU Physicians Patient Sep 19, 2019

The care that OU Family Medicine provides is AWESOME. I couldn't imagine going any where else.

OU Physicians Patient Aug 27, 2019

Excellent, thorough approach to my care

OU Physicians Patient Aug 12, 2019

Dr Kelley is an intelligent, compassionate and well trained physician. He is a nice man.

OU Physicians Patient Aug 12, 2019

Dr. Kelley is great. I feel like he always hears me out and addresses all my issues throughly.

OU Physicians Patient Aug 9, 2019

Pleasant and funny

OU Physicians Patient Aug 9, 2019

I think Dr. Kelley is a good doctor.

OU Physicians Patient Jul 30, 2019

Dr. Kelley seams to be a very fine physician

OU Physicians Patient Jul 18, 2019

He is a very informative doctor and truly cares about his patient's health.

OU Physicians Patient Jul 12, 2019

He listens well and is compassionate.

OU Physicians Patient Jul 3, 2019

Dr Kelley is a great!

OU Physicians Patient Jul 3, 2019

I love Dr Kelley and the staff. He treats the whole person, not just the issue or illness.

OU Physicians Patient Jun 18, 2019

Very grateful.

OU Physicians Patient Jun 18, 2019

Dr Kelley takes the time to ask good questions and waits to get the full answers he needs to make good decisions regarding care. Great doctor!

OU Physicians Patient Jun 17, 2019

The reception desk is always pleasant and business like. The nurses listen and seem genuinely interested in what you say. I trust this clinic with my health better any thst I've seen in the past. And I recommend it to my family and friends

OU Physicians Patient Jun 12, 2019

Dr Kelley is a wonderful doctor but because of the DEA he can't treat my chronic pain fibromyalgia and I say that is unfair to me

OU Physicians Patient Jun 12, 2019

I wish my physician was at the VA Med. Ctr. But receiving treatment/ health care advice from a provider who is centered on giving well thought out options is well worth a co-pay.

OU Physicians Patient Jun 6, 2019

Very knowledgeable and compassionate. Excellent service.

OU Physicians Patient Jun 3, 2019

Respectful and professional indeed.

OU Physicians Patient May 3, 2019

Dr. Kelley is a good listener. And he is actively engaged with his patients.

OU Physicians Patient May 2, 2019

Everything was very good and work out well

OU Physicians Patient Apr 25, 2019

Dr. Kelley was very attentive and very thoughtful and inciteful. I feel that I am in good hands regarding my health care.

OU Physicians Patient Apr 23, 2019

They were very caring

OU Physicians Patient Apr 12, 2019

Thanks for my appointment

OU Physicians Patient Apr 9, 2019

I like the attentiveness & companion the dr had for our child. Highly recommend a friend. Only down side for me is we don't see the same pediatrician each time in 2 weeks we will have seen 3 separate drs

OU Physicians Patient Mar 21, 2019

Dr Kelley has been amazing. He oversees my family's care and we couldn't be more blessed to have such a caring, knowledgeable, and supportive physician. I am more than confident in the care he provides our family! Big thank you for having an amazing physician!

OU Physicians Patient Mar 18, 2019

He won't help me with my chronic pain because my pain meds were stolen from me 3 years ago. I'm tired of suffering and I have to go back to work.

OU Physicians Patient Mar 12, 2019

He's a very caring person i like the way he takes care of me

OU Physicians Patient Feb 14, 2019

He listens to me,and understands what I'm try to explain about how I'm feeling, he does a great job at that, overall he's wonderful physician.

OU Physicians Patient Feb 14, 2019

Loved Dr Kelley very easy to talk to ...really listened to my concerns

OU Physicians Patient Feb 8, 2019

The staff makes me feel very comfortable.

OU Physicians Patient Feb 8, 2019

New patient

OU Physicians Patient Jan 24, 2019

Listens to my concerns and always spends appropriate time with me. Very important to my current health concerns and preventive health.

OU Physicians Patient Jan 17, 2019

The doctor always lesson too what i have too say about my husband

OU Physicians Patient Jan 17, 2019

He does not prescribe his daily medicines, therefore no need for discussion.

OU Physicians Patient Dec 12, 2018

Dr. Kelley is a wonderful person and an awesome MD. I was referred to him because of how I identify and he is considered a trusted ally. I am super thankful for him. :)

OU Physicians Patient Nov 13, 2018


OU Physicians Patient Nov 8, 2018

sometimes the office visits are too short and I feel hurried & forget topics of concern

OU Physicians Patient Sep 27, 2018

please refer to my previous comments about Dr Kelly.

OU Physicians Patient Apr 26, 2018

Dr Kelly always listens to what I have to say and he always is genuinely interested in my opinion about my care.

OU Physicians Patient Apr 24, 2018

there is a long wait time to schedule a visit with this physician, so I would recommend but with this caveat

OU Physicians Patient Mar 27, 2018

Again see comments! Dr Kelley is fantastic and I hope I can keep him even if my insurance changes!! I'll definitely balk at switching providers since it's hard to find decent family practice ones these days!

OU Physicians Patient Mar 26, 2018

This doctor was highly recommended to me. I will recommend him to others. Dr. Kelley is kind, thorough, and knowledgeable.

OU Physicians Patient Mar 12, 2018

Dr Kelly is extremely personable and seems very competent. He is good at putting the patient at ease, while not seeming canned or overly practiced in his dealing with patients.

OU Physicians Patient Mar 8, 2018

Dr. Kelley takes a real interest in providing care while lending a listening ear. Dr. Kelley is always sure to ask detailed questions and also explain how I can improve my health. There is a good partnership between Dr. and patient..

OU Physicians Patient Feb 27, 2018

Dr Kelly is very good, patient and helpful

OU Physicians Patient Jan 30, 2018


OU Physicians Patient Jan 26, 2018

the visit is too short I feel rushed and inevitable I forgot something even if I have a list, last few times I felt like I was not really taken seriously and I felt hurried

OU Physicians Patient Jan 23, 2018

Great !!!

OU Physicians Patient Dec 6, 2017

Very Good experience, I received my labs within a few short days. Thanks

OU Physicians Patient Nov 28, 2017

Dr. Kelly went over and beyond what was expected.

OU Physicians Patient Nov 22, 2017


OU Physicians Patient Oct 20, 2017

just that he really cares and you always leave with a warm smile

OU Physicians Patient Oct 19, 2017

Wish there was something higher than a 10 for Dr. Kelley. He is about a 15. Yes, we have recommended OU Medical to several friends and they have changed to this.

OU Physicians Patient Oct 17, 2017

I truly believe he was troubled by the news he gave me. I appreciated his compassion.

OU Physicians Patient Oct 12, 2017

He is really good at being honest and making me be honest with myself. I trust him and that's important when your allowing someone to care for you. He's a great doctor and I really feel like he wants the best for his patients. I'm honored to be a patient of his and I don't usually like male doctors.

OU Physicians Patient Oct 12, 2017

Dr. Kelley remembers things I told him about my condition from 3 years ago. The man is insanely intelligent but he's not egotistical about it. I've never had a physician that listens like he does.

OU Physicians Patient Jul 14, 2017

Dr. Kelly made me feel real comfortable, seemed like he had no other patients and would talk to me as long as I wanted about my health problems. Did not feel rushed, he explained things I understood. Seemed like he cared for what I was going thru or my needs. I would recommend him to anyone. Very easy to talk too. Thanks so much Dr. Kelly for being there for me!!

OU Physicians Patient Jul 11, 2017

We love Dr. Kelley!

OU Physicians Patient Jun 12, 2017

I enjoy having a medical student talk with me first, then Dr. Kelley.

OU Physicians Patient Jun 6, 2017

I work in healthcare but I appreciate that Dr. Kelley still takes the time to explain things to me as if I don't. He is a really good provider. He listens to me and I never feel judged by my diagnosis. He always makes me feel like ultimately my care is in my hands which is also important to me. I don't like to feel like my options are taken away from me. He is good at using analogy to explains certain aspects and ensure that I understand before I leave his office. I feel valued as a patient and a person. I appreciate that he also always thanks me for allowing him to care for me. He has a way with people that make you feel like he loves his job and appreciates the complexity of it. He takes his time to sit and talk to me eye to eye. Some physicians don't do this. He had a student with him this day and we were still able to communicate about my history without me having to discuss something in front of his student that I wasn't comfortable discussing. I trust him with my health and that is saying a lot because I don't trust many people in my life. He really is a blessing.

OU Physicians Patient Jun 1, 2017

I have recommended at least 10 people to Dr. Kelley's office. Peedominantly people with critical, chronic illnesses because he truly listens to people. My first visit with Dr. Kelley was several years ago and he still remembers what I said...... he doesn't remember the jest of what I said but exact phrases used. That's what people with chronic illness need, someone who listens not sometimes but every time.

OU Physicians Patient Apr 11, 2017

Great experience!

OU Physicians Patient Jan 3, 2017

I'm a believer in having a family doctor, that one medical person who serves as the pivot point for all my medical care. I think Dr. Kelley might be my new family doctor -- he's really good.

OU Physicians Patient Nov 18, 2016

He is a pretty aeesome doctor and im very comfortable discussing my health problems with him.

OU Physicians Patient Oct 25, 2016

Dr Kelly is the best! He understands me and he takes the time to really listen to me and help me with my situation. No matter what time of day I'm there or if he's super busy he makes the time for me. He explains things to me and I trust him with the care that he provides to me and the medications he prescribes to me.

OU Physicians Patient Oct 13, 2016

Dr Kelly is fabulous. he seems very aware of the whole patient and includes what's going on in my life into his treatment plan for me. I have already recommended him to several friends.

OU Physicians Patient Sep 15, 2016

Dr. Kelley is always very personable, takes time to really listen to my concerns, really helps collaborate plan of care with me. He's the BEST!!!

OU Physicians Patient Aug 11, 2016

I was looking to establish a relationship with a family physician. This was the first time I met Dr. Kelley. I really like him. He's considerate, clear, he really seems to care about what matters to me. He clearly explained what he'd like me to try for the next few months to resolve a problem. I liked that we made a plan and set a time period for followup.

OU Physicians Patient Jul 13, 2016

Dr. Kelley explained evening very well, which made me feel confident. He spent time talking about my health with me and answered my questions.

OU Physicians Patient Jun 9, 2016

Dr. Kelly always shows a lot of concern about my health and my overall mental status.

OU Physicians Patient Jun 3, 2016

I had great service from my provider.

OU Physicians Patient May 26, 2016

We LOVE visiting Dr. Kelley! If we ever have any questions or concerns, he listens and addresses them in a easy to understand manner and gives us the best possible treatment/recommendation possible. He makes our appointments fun and completely stress free. We have seen other providers before, but since we have found dr. Kelley, we haven't even thought once about seeing someone else. It's comforting to know he is there and willing to help with whatever we need!

OU Physicians Patient May 9, 2016

Dr. Kelley is the best at the family Medicine clinic

OU Physicians Patient Mar 25, 2016

This was our first visit with Dr Kelley. He spent a lot of time asking us about our history, current conditions, concerns and services he could offer. My husband and I were very pleased.

OU Physicians Patient Feb 2, 2016

I like how they say "My name is susie and I will be checking you in today." or "My name is joan and I will be taking your blood today."

OU Physicians Patient Dec 22, 2015

I would rate very good if it wasn't for the front office staff

OU Physicians Patient Dec 22, 2015

This provider is good at not giving unnecessary prescriptions to me. He does here me when I express concern and need for advice, and respects my wishes when I decline it.

OU Physicians Patient Nov 20, 2015


OU Physicians Patient Nov 19, 2015

I really hope I can continue seeing Dr. Kelly for my treatment.

OU Physicians Patient Oct 22, 2015

He ALWAYS seems to never rush me like most Physcians and sits and talks to me until every concern or question is wrung out of me. Other Dr's I end up forgetting things because they are always in such a rush. Dr. Kelley sits and discussed everything with me until I say that I think that's it.

OU Physicians Patient Aug 5, 2015

Dr. Kelly is a very good Provider

OU Physicians Patient Apr 23, 2015