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Amir Raza, PA

  • Pediatric Orthopedics
4.5 / 5958 Ratings166 Comments

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OU Children's Physicians Building
Orthopedic Surgery – Suite 3A
1200 Children's Ave.
Oklahoma City, OK 73104

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4.5 / 5958 Ratings166 Comments

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Patient Comments

We've had a great experience with him. I trust his judgment and expertise regarding my daughter's health.

OU Physicians Patient Sep 1, 2020

Everyone we dealt with was very kind and welcoming including the provider. This is a great organization even though I could tell when I tried to call that they are extremely busy.

OU Physicians Patient Aug 27, 2020

Him and his nurse were very kind and understanding my son was not happy during the visit and they reassured me multiple times and made me feel comfortable. I did not feel rushed and the Dr took time to explain and answer all my questions.

OU Physicians Patient Aug 25, 2020

Excellent doctor

OU Physicians Patient Aug 18, 2020

Great people

OU Physicians Patient Aug 13, 2020

He was amazing with our son!

OU Physicians Patient Aug 11, 2020

Answered all my questions . Never felt rushed . My child and I both felt very comfortable with him .

OU Physicians Patient Aug 4, 2020

He was encouraging and was able to give a good prognosis.

OU Physicians Patient Aug 4, 2020

He was very thoughtful and really cared for my child. He gave me all the information I needed and made sure I knew all I needed to care for my child. We enjoyed our visit.

OU Physicians Patient Aug 3, 2020

He was very informative and made sure I was comfortable with everything before we left. He was aware how far we live from the hospital and wanted to make sure my mind was at ease. Thank you!!

OU Physicians Patient Jul 31, 2020

He was very thorough and patient. He seemed very compassionate and caring as well as knowledgeable in his field.

OU Physicians Patient Jul 30, 2020

I thought the provider was VERY kind and gentle with my son's broken arm. I wish my son's options were better explained for treatment. I also wish I would have asked more questions about what to expect short and long term.

OU Physicians Patient Jul 28, 2020

From the staff to the provider, everyone was so friendly! Took the time to understand why my daughter was there and told me what to look for when at home

OU Physicians Patient Jul 27, 2020

He was rude and getting onto me like im his child. I don't appreciate a doctor blaming me for an accident! I won't be using that office anymore.

OU Physicians Patient Jul 14, 2020

This is the second issue we've seen Mr. Raza for. He is amazing with my daughter. He's Always patient and kind, and lets us know exactly what's going on.

OU Physicians Patient Jul 10, 2020

Great experience Appointments were always on time Staff was friendly Provider took time with patient and clearly explained treatment options and plan Great bedside manner

OU Physicians Patient Jul 8, 2020

Great doc thank u

OU Physicians Patient Jun 30, 2020

Great experience!

OU Physicians Patient Jun 25, 2020

He's amazing ??

OU Physicians Patient Jun 24, 2020

Dr. Raza is amazing, he walked us through a difficult journey and he always made us feel supported and confident! I would not have wanted any other doctor!

OU Physicians Patient Jun 18, 2020

He was very helpful and answered all of my questions. He made me feel confident in the care for my daughter and was very encouraging.

OU Physicians Patient Jun 17, 2020

Everyone has been amazing.

OU Physicians Patient Jun 12, 2020

I just love dr. Raza, he explains everything very well.

OU Physicians Patient Jun 9, 2020

The only problem I had was we were an add-in surgery and we had to be there by 7 a.m. and then wait all day. It would seem more practical to me to have us come in later, say 10 a.m. so my child did not have to go through the anxiety of waiting all day in an unfamiliar room.

OU Physicians Patient Jun 3, 2020

Great and friendly service and very informational!!

OU Physicians Patient Jun 3, 2020

Amazing! Everything was done so quick and professionally

OU Physicians Patient Jun 3, 2020

He picked up a displacement an outlying facility missed. Thanks to him our daughter will have full range of motion on her arm.

OU Physicians Patient May 26, 2020

Great hospital

OU Physicians Patient May 7, 2020

This provider was simply outstanding, he made sure that we understood everything going on with our son and we could not have asked for a better provider and taking care of our child health

OU Physicians Patient Apr 30, 2020

The Dr. seemed very kind and knowledgeable.

OU Physicians Patient Apr 29, 2020

He was wonderful. He wasn't rushed and provided quality companionate care

OU Physicians Patient Apr 9, 2020

Really hard to understand what he was trying to say

OU Physicians Patient Apr 8, 2020

He was very nice and attentive with Avianna she was comfortable with him because he got down on her level and communicated to her. She even let him pick her up and help her on the bed for her exam and no one else in her life has been able to do that. Thanks

OU Physicians Patient Feb 6, 2020

Great provider and great care!

OU Physicians Patient Jan 28, 2020

PA Raza was fantastic with our child. He took numerous x-rays to ensure he had the views he needed, confirmed with a CT scan, and then ran the results by one of the surgeons to make sure. He treated my daughter kindly, and my shy child was actually chatting with him at the end. He showed my husband and I the x-rays and explained why he decided to cast her rather than to operate. It was nice of him to show us his thought process and to keep us in the loop the entire time.

OU Physicians Patient Jan 14, 2020

Very good at listening to our concerns,very receptive, shows compassion with our daughter. Very welcoming

OU Physicians Patient Jan 13, 2020

Provider didnt answer questions and left us very unsatisfied

OU Physicians Patient Dec 19, 2019

He was so great with my son and he was very interactive!

OU Physicians Patient Dec 17, 2019

I was extremely impressed with the physician we saw. He explained things very well and he didn't push for unnecessary medical interventions.

OU Physicians Patient Dec 17, 2019

We had an excellent experience, the ortho Departmemt is very professional and helpful. Everyone was so kind and very understanding as we were very nervous for our appointment.

OU Physicians Patient Dec 16, 2019

My children have being seeing him for years. Keep up the great work.

OU Physicians Patient Dec 11, 2019

Felt he was thorough in diagnosis without ordering frivolous tests that weren't necessary.

OU Physicians Patient Dec 9, 2019

I highly recommend Dr. Raza very pleased very professional and very helpful

OU Physicians Patient Dec 2, 2019

Great place!

OU Physicians Patient Nov 21, 2019

He he treated us very well and answered all her questions and I really do like the way he practices and I would definitely go back if I ever needed to see see him again

OU Physicians Patient Nov 21, 2019

He was very caring and personable. We were very pleased with his thoroughness when explaining our child's diagnosis.

OU Physicians Patient Nov 20, 2019

I was impressed with him explaining what we would do now and the options we have if this doesn't solve the problem.

OU Physicians Patient Nov 20, 2019

All the Orthopedic staff we interacted with was very nice and those who didnt know about her condition were eager to learn.

OU Physicians Patient Nov 15, 2019

My daughter has been seeing Amir Raza ever since she was born and he has been nothing less than extraordinary with her, and us. We can't say enough great things about him and his professionalism.

OU Physicians Patient Nov 6, 2019

Great Doc. Was happy to see him again. And it was for differnt kids

OU Physicians Patient Oct 31, 2019

I've had previously a horrible experience trying to reach OU, but this year absolutely Zero complaints! Everything was so easy??

OU Physicians Patient Oct 28, 2019

Amir Raza, PA, is always very nice and takes an active interest in our daughter's care. He remembers her and remembers knowledgeable details of her case. We are thankful that we have him as her provider.

OU Physicians Patient Oct 28, 2019

The PA we saw has a TERRIBLE bedside manner. He always ends every appointment with something scary and unnecessary. He also rarely gets our daughters name correct and ends up calling her a lot of other names even after correcting him.

OU Physicians Patient Oct 25, 2019

Yes this doctor was so helpful he answered our all of our questions and I would definitely always go back to see him he is a wonderful doctor and so far the one that I have ever been to

OU Physicians Patient Oct 22, 2019

PA Raza always does a wonderful job with our daughter. We are so grateful that we were referred to him.

OU Physicians Patient Oct 21, 2019

He was very kind and seem to really care about our situation. He said he would contact us with more information.

OU Physicians Patient Oct 18, 2019

He was wonderful

OU Physicians Patient Oct 16, 2019

Raza was very caring and did a great job talking and caring for our daughter

OU Physicians Patient Oct 4, 2019

Very friendly and personable.

OU Physicians Patient Oct 4, 2019

I really liked your attention.

OU Physicians Patient Sep 11, 2019

He was a really caring and excellent doctor my son had quite a problem when he was placed in Dr care. We were both so happy with our service

OU Physicians Patient Sep 11, 2019

Love all the staff! The techs did a great job with the cast??

OU Physicians Patient Sep 9, 2019

He was so kind and fabulous with my four year old. I was so pleased and delighted that this experience wasn't at all scary for my child, but he loved being around Dr. Raza! Dr. Raza also seemed to be very aware of my child's cues and facial expressions as he was examining his arm.

OU Physicians Patient Sep 5, 2019

He left our room because he "forgot about another patient who has been waiting a really long time". He asked why we were there and seemed generally clueless as to the purpose of the appointment. He confirmed my child's diagnosis but said although treatment is usually recommended, it would be inconvenient and expensive ($100). He asked me what treatment should be followed. He wouldn't give me a recommendation until I asked what his opinion is. Very unsure of himself. I asked for a different provider for the follow up appointment.

OU Physicians Patient Aug 27, 2019

Friendly, informative and knowledgable. Cant ask for anything more. Plus my grandson seemed very comfortable with him.

OU Physicians Patient Aug 26, 2019

Dr. Raza is absolutely wonderful! We love him and so does our son. He is so thorough and patient.

OU Physicians Patient Aug 22, 2019

I asked him to write down my child condition several times and he didn't do so. Also he didn't give me enough after care instructions about his condition or explore any options. I usually don't do survey but felt it was important to communicate the areas that need improvement. He needs to work on his bed side manner

OU Physicians Patient Aug 21, 2019

My daughter recieved excellent care and dr. And his support staff were very informative and answered all our questions. The only complaint I have is the xray tech was a little impatient and dry he could have been a little more sympathetic to a child in massive pain. Otherwise great experience so happy we got my girl all fixed up!

OU Physicians Patient Aug 21, 2019

We really appreciate how the appointments stay on time and therefore we are in and out in a shortly manor.

OU Physicians Patient Aug 20, 2019

Very attentive and took the time to personally call me with test results. I was very impressed

OU Physicians Patient Aug 15, 2019

Very informative and helpful!

OU Physicians Patient Aug 13, 2019

Everyone was great and woman who took our X-rays even microwaved some water for me so I could warm up my daughter's bottle! My little loved the doctor.

OU Physicians Patient Aug 13, 2019

He has a good bedside manner.

OU Physicians Patient Aug 13, 2019

Very Interactive with my child and letting him know what was going on

OU Physicians Patient Jul 30, 2019

They were all great!

OU Physicians Patient Jul 25, 2019

I absolutely love him! He is very thorough and takes time to make sure I understand everything. He is very knowledgeable, patient, kind and professional! I would suggest him to my loved ones for sure!

OU Physicians Patient Jul 24, 2019

Very good with babies

OU Physicians Patient Jul 23, 2019

Dr Raza took the needed time to explain my son's situation and what we need to do so his injury heals. Would like to thank him for his dedication!

OU Physicians Patient Jul 17, 2019

He is an excellent doctor

OU Physicians Patient Jul 9, 2019

Gave us all of the information we needed and answered all of our questions.

OU Physicians Patient Jul 2, 2019

Great care satisfied

OU Physicians Patient Jun 28, 2019

All good and if I I have to go back I would

OU Physicians Patient Jun 27, 2019

This was our last visit. My son has been treated amazing. The children's clinic is a great place.

OU Physicians Patient Jun 27, 2019

He was very good with my child thank u

OU Physicians Patient Jun 13, 2019

The provider and all the staff went out of their way to make our experience at OU a fantastic one. We are so incredibly please with our care and experience. We will definitely return, if the need arises!

OU Physicians Patient Jun 13, 2019

They did the job right

OU Physicians Patient Jun 11, 2019

Did a great job explaining her condition and potential treatment options. He was familiar with all imaging results. Very knowledgeable and thorough. Highly recommend this provider!

OU Physicians Patient Jun 6, 2019

I loved him. He showed me my daughters ultrasounds and x-rays and took time to explain everything to me.

OU Physicians Patient May 31, 2019

His bedside manner was excellent! He introduced himself to not only me but also both of my daughters and shook our hands. She has a buckle fracture, and he was very gentle during the exam and listened to her carefully. He gave us options for treatment. When we were leaving, my daughter said "He was so sweet!" :) I work with CMN through my work but hadn't experienced OU Children's firsthand until this injury. I must say I'm extremely impressed with every single medical professional who has come into contact with us. I will definitely recommend this hospital to everyone! Thanks for the great experience and for taking care of my little one so well!

OU Physicians Patient May 30, 2019

Great PA, have really enjoyed him as my son's PA and would recommend him.

OU Physicians Patient May 28, 2019

The doctor did not do any kind of treatment. He just told my child to do what he has already been doing. I will not be seeing this doctor again.

OU Physicians Patient May 22, 2019

Take more time in The room

OU Physicians Patient May 20, 2019

He is very knowledgeable and caring.

OU Physicians Patient May 10, 2019

Dr. Raza gave us a warm welcome and a pleasurable first time visiting. Thank You!

OU Physicians Patient May 9, 2019

I thought it was excellent the treatment that the children have given them and the time that is dedicated to them without walking was in a hurry I definitely loved it.

OU Physicians Patient May 3, 2019

It was kind.

OU Physicians Patient May 3, 2019

Overall it was a good experience. We are grateful that there are doctors we can go to when we need help. Everything was clean and everyone was very kind.

OU Physicians Patient May 1, 2019

Our son came in with having shoulder pain for over a year. The doctor was going to just diagnose him with bursitis until he listened to our concerns. He ordered an X-ray of his other shoulder and did a comparison. He changed his diagnosis after that. I appreciate him for listening to us and our concerns to investigate further.

OU Physicians Patient Apr 29, 2019

good nice people

OU Physicians Patient Apr 29, 2019

Dr.Raza was very friendly and down to earth. He answered any questions we had for him. Would recommend him to others.

OU Physicians Patient Apr 29, 2019

Raza is always very nice and engaging with us and our daughter.

OU Physicians Patient Apr 25, 2019

He is an excellent doctor.

OU Physicians Patient Apr 12, 2019

The provider was great. Only issue was with scheduling. We luckily ended up with an appointment within 48 hours of the break in my daughter's arm because of a cancellation, but originally they wanted us to wait an additional 4 days. Mr. Raza (provider) was unhappy that it had taken that long for anything to be done. An additional 4 days would have been awful.

OU Physicians Patient Apr 11, 2019

So nice & friendly. Got us in & out 15 minutes tops .Wonderful !

OU Physicians Patient Apr 10, 2019

Very kind, we felt comfortable and my daughter understood most of what would happen during the proceedure to come. Nurse was great and we have nothing but positive things to say about our experience to say.

OU Physicians Patient Apr 9, 2019

I have always had a great experience there!

OU Physicians Patient Apr 3, 2019

This was our first visit, so we don't have an established relationship, but he was very kind to come & check on us in the ER.

OU Physicians Patient Apr 1, 2019


OU Physicians Patient Apr 1, 2019

Everyone was very nice and helpful...and when we needed to be seen again the day after (bc her cast was coming off), they got us right in!

OU Physicians Patient Mar 14, 2019

Great people.! From the receptionist, nurses and doctor.!

OU Physicians Patient Mar 14, 2019

Great job and was great treating our daughter.

OU Physicians Patient Mar 11, 2019

Amir Raza was absolutely wonderful! He and the gentlemen who was assisting him were both wonderful with my son, as was his nurse. Dr. Raza was so patient with us, answered all of our questions, and even pulled up the X-rays and explained them to us. I wish he could be our regular pediatrician!

OU Physicians Patient Feb 11, 2019

Wish that we could have scheduled the followup in December next year. Instead we will have to remember to schedule it in June.

OU Physicians Patient Dec 11, 2018

really appreciated the phone call that afternoon

OU Physicians Patient Nov 26, 2018

My husband and I are very unhappy with our experience with Dr. Raza. From he beginning of the appointment, Raza did not know what our daughter's appointment was for, and after a very brief examination, was extremely vague with his instructions afterwards. He also did not answer any of our specific questions. We received a few quick explanations of what he believed to be the diagnosis, but his verbal explanations were delivered with a condescending tone the entire time, as if neither of us were intelligent enough to understand what he was saying. We also found it strange that we did not go home with any appointment notes to reiterate the diagnosis and instructions of care for our daughter. We would not recommend him and are seeking a second opinion.

OU Physicians Patient Nov 14, 2018

Amir was fantastic. so friendly and you can tell he loves working with children with how he interacted with our daughter.

OU Physicians Patient Oct 10, 2018

The doctor was incredibly rude. He treated my husband and I like we were stupid. It was the worst doctor experience I've ever had in my life. He wasn't interested in talking with us. He should not be a children's doctor, for sure! I love OU Children's. We have always had a great experience and this one was just awful. I'm so disappointed.

OU Physicians Patient Jul 3, 2018

Would highly recommend.

OU Physicians Patient Jun 22, 2018

I would describe the whole experience as indifferent. he doesn't seem to enjoy what he does- I felt like we interrupted his lunch. he fully explained the issue she was experiencing- but the instructions were vague and unclear, even after questions from us.

OU Physicians Patient May 14, 2018

Great provider! He saw us on short notice. Went over the suspected pathophysiology in detail. He reviewed the x ray and he went over the x ray done in the ER.

OU Physicians Patient Apr 26, 2018

Amir Raza is a great provider!

OU Physicians Patient Mar 5, 2018

I appreciate being shown her x-rays every time we have a visit, it lets me see her progress and the measurements show me where she (hopefully) should be moving towards. PA Raza is a very good provider, he is always thorough with my questions, he has great bedside manner (rapport) with my baby and I am very appreciative of the care we have gotten from OU and PA Raza.

OU Physicians Patient Mar 1, 2018


OU Physicians Patient Feb 5, 2018

I would recommend him, highly, to anyone needing his expertise. I've yet to meet a Dr such as him. He gives you the time and attention you need, as well as goes above and beyond what he has to do.

OU Physicians Patient Jan 29, 2018

Mr. Raza was great with my son. I have told everyone I work with how nice he is.

OU Physicians Patient Dec 14, 2017


OU Physicians Patient Dec 5, 2017

I will be consulting her pediatrician for recommendations on who to seek a second opinion from. He was very attentive and thorough mostly before her X-rays, but after came in very negative. told us he didn't know what was wrong but that we needed to follow up in 2 months. said the X-ray showed one leg shorter than the other, but after I told him she had moved one leg forward he said maybe it was a bad X-ray and that was it.

OU Physicians Patient Nov 15, 2017

The PA did not introduce himself - never knew his name until this survey.

OU Physicians Patient Oct 19, 2017

This was my first visit with Dr. Raza. He seems very reserved and quiet spoken. Although friendly enough, he doesn't have the warmest personality. As a result, I felt a little uneasy. However, that is likely because of our contrasting personalities. I certainly can't complain with the results though, so that isn't really a concern.

OU Physicians Patient Sep 5, 2017

He was very knowledgeable and thorough

OU Physicians Patient Aug 28, 2017

dr. did not talk much with

OU Physicians Patient Aug 23, 2017

Just wish he would've explained a little more what we are looking at if this doesn't correct itself. I kept asking and never really got an answer just said it really worried him.

OU Physicians Patient Aug 22, 2017

Wish this was my daughters pediatrician.

OU Physicians Patient Aug 7, 2017

We have had the worst experience since the very beginning with Raza. He is not knowledgeable and we have asked repeatedly to switch providers or see a physician only to be told that that is not an option. He gave us terrible news at our appointment, but did not offer to let us speak to a physician, only telling us the he spoke with his boss and he said there wasn't anything that could be done. I will never recommend him to anyone.

OU Physicians Patient Jul 11, 2017

Provider took time to speak to parent as well as child. Answered all questions ____had. ______requested a certain assistant to apply cast and provider allowed him to do that as well, making the procedure experience very pleasant. Little things like this relieve anxiety of the child and makes a huge difference to the child.

OU Physicians Patient May 18, 2017

We love Dr Raza he is an amazing doctor and very good with children if my son breaks any more bones this is defintaly the doctor we will continue to see

OU Physicians Patient Apr 13, 2017

thank you for the cookie coupon-she liked going to the café to pick out a cookie, and she ate lunch which put her in a better mood. Keep doing the coupon, its a nice gesture :)

OU Physicians Patient Feb 20, 2017

Both Raza and Louis were incredible - so kind and caring. It was a wonderful experience and we are so happy we came to them.

OU Physicians Patient Feb 14, 2017

He was very professional.

OU Physicians Patient Feb 13, 2017

He was friendly and very funny.

OU Physicians Patient Jan 12, 2017

We received a clear understanding of all the people from nurses to doctors that would visit with my child.

OU Physicians Patient Jan 9, 2017

He took us in to his office to show us the X-rays, that were on his own computer and took time to explain what was wrong.

OU Physicians Patient Nov 16, 2016

Best Care Ever

OU Physicians Patient Oct 18, 2016

the entire staff seemed to want to get it over with. they talked really fast and didn't spend much time with us at all.

OU Physicians Patient Oct 17, 2016

We really like PA Raza. He's a very good provider. He gives me the xray results right after the xray is taken so I can see progress-he gives me exact numbers. I really appreciate that. I rely on the numbers to let me know good progress is being made. What I don't like is getting bills for the room/hospital and then from the provider. The bills from radiology take FOREVER to be sent. same with prosthetics. Billing needs to be more timely and efficient.

OU Physicians Patient Aug 18, 2016

the provider seemed annoyed and rushed

OU Physicians Patient Jul 27, 2016

the doctor that we did see was exceptional and was very nice to see us. he was making great effort.

OU Physicians Patient Jul 27, 2016

I liked the fact that they addressed me with any and all problems from beginning to end. I liked that the fact that the addressed my child and made him feel like he was part of everything that was going on.

OU Physicians Patient Jul 20, 2016

Very concerned doctor about my daughter's needs.

OU Physicians Patient Jun 28, 2016

only issue with our appt is that Amir was sometimes hard to understand, but not a big deal.

OU Physicians Patient May 11, 2016


OU Physicians Patient Apr 29, 2016

This Dr was wonderful!!!

OU Physicians Patient Apr 27, 2016

Dr. Raza was very professional, thorough and friendly with me and my son. He is very likeable and we had a great visit. This was our first time seeing an ortho, it was the first time my son ever broke a bone but Dr. Raza put us right at ease. His staff was also great. The nurse who put on his cast was also great with my son. He was friendly and answered all our questions in regards to aftercare. Overall a great visit!

OU Physicians Patient Apr 22, 2016

Absolutely no suggestions for improvements. The provider explained and was very pleasant.

OU Physicians Patient Apr 13, 2016

my child's feet still hurt

OU Physicians Patient Apr 5, 2016

Dr. Raza needs to be more patient and listen to the parents concerns instead of trying to rush us out.

OU Physicians Patient Mar 28, 2016

The Dr. Spent about 10 minutes if that in the room with me and my daughter. Checked out her injury and said she had to get an x Ray and then we didn't see him after that for the remainder of the appointment... I had to find out from the person putting on the cast that my daughters finger was broken... But the friendliness and concern of the nurses and other staff were wonderful!

OU Physicians Patient Mar 1, 2016

I feel like he ignored my concerns about the pain activity causes my child.

OU Physicians Patient Nov 12, 2015

My child had just had a terrible experience at the ou children's ER the day before this so she was afraid to see another doctor. He was nice to her and she immediately realized he was was a good guy and she cooperated fully with him and she likes him very much.

OU Physicians Patient Jun 26, 2015

Dr Raza has been very thorough and conservative in his care for ___. He has patiently explained everything to both ___ and to us and has answered all our questions in a way we can easily understand. We have enjoyed working with him very much!

OU Physicians Patient Jun 3, 2015

Mr. Raza was prompt, kind, compassionate and skilled in providing care for my child. We were very impressed with his gentleness and sincere concern. He even stayed with her as she had her cast placed and received her crutches. We were so relieved to be in good hands.

OU Physicians Patient May 29, 2015

He was very thorough and explained that where my son as hurting that we could not see a break but they would treat it the same whether or not he had a break.

OU Physicians Patient Apr 30, 2015

Everyone was great, very friendly and took care of my daughter.

OU Physicians Patient Apr 14, 2015

Dr. Raza showed extreme care and concern for my child and her injuries! He spent quality time explaining these concerns and what he thought was best for her after care! We love Dr. Raza

OU Physicians Patient Apr 1, 2015

Raza, was awesome!!!!

OU Physicians Patient Mar 12, 2015

Amir Raza is an excellent provider. He cares so much for his patients and my daughter looks forward to seeing him and his staff. He speaks to her and asks her questions concerning a plan for her care which allows her to communicate her worries. _____ adores the entire staff and feels very comfortable in a visit that could be very scary for a nine year old.

OU Physicians Patient Feb 16, 2015