Amgad M.. Haleem

Amgad M. Haleem, MD

  • Orthopedic Surgery
4.8 / 5535 Ratings92 Comments

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OU Physicians Building
Orthopedic Surgery – Suite 1G
825 N.E. 10th St.
Oklahoma City, OK 73104
Foot and ankle surgery
Lower-limb complex reconstruction:
Hospital for Special Surgery
New York City
Orthopedic adult reconstructive surgery:
Houston Methodist Hospital
Orthopedic sports medicine:
University of South Florida Tampa
Orthopedic surgery:
Cairo University School of Medicine
Medical School
Cairo University School of Medicine
Areas of Expertise
Adult foot and ankle deformity
Complex lower extremity deformity correction
Joint preservation
Research focus:
Cartilage-preserving procedures of weight-bearing joints of the lower extremities with particular emphasis on the use of biologics such as stem cells and platelet-rich plasma
Excellence in Scientific Achievement grant

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Patient Rating

4.8 / 5535 Ratings92 Comments

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Patient Comments

Dr Haleem is awesome and listens to you and asks if you have questions!

OU Physicians Patient Jul 30, 2019

Was in and out in 15 min. He took the time to check and the foot problem seems to be resolved. Said come back if it reoccurs and keep doing the exercises. Should be ok. Seems very knowledgeable and explains things well.

OU Physicians Patient Jul 24, 2019

Excellent bedside manner-great communication skills. Shares knowledge easily. Respectful, has integrity. Did not care for his Resident, who definitely needs some communication skills.

OU Physicians Patient Jul 23, 2019

Dr. Haleem is truly an amazing doctor and truly exceptional surgeon. His bedside manner makes you able to completely relax because you are fully assured that the man doing your surgeries is totally capable of doing this with his eyes closed and one hand tied behind his back. Knowing that the man who is handling the complete care and healing of your injury is capable, he is caring and he is determined to see you successfully through the process.

OU Physicians Patient Jul 23, 2019

I have been coming there since I was twenty five I am sixty nine now. Always take me to OU! Dr Haleem is the best. I trust him with my care.

OU Physicians Patient Jul 18, 2019

He gave me instructions about the boot I am wearing but nothing in writing for me to follow.

OU Physicians Patient Jul 12, 2019

I felt rushed when I had other questions to ask, my questions and concerns were answered

OU Physicians Patient Jul 12, 2019

I always have a measure of anxiety when I have to see a doctor, however, Dr. Haleem has a soothing and kind demeanor that made me feel relaxed and comfortable.

OU Physicians Patient Jul 12, 2019

Everyone was great!

OU Physicians Patient Jul 10, 2019

Dr. Haleem is an amazing surgeon and physician. He has a very special way of relaying medical information to make it understandable and is a great listener to any questions you may have. You leave the appointment feeling that he genuinely cares about your health. I would recommend him to anyone.

OU Physicians Patient Jul 9, 2019

He seem to have knowledge and experience with the problem I am having.

OU Physicians Patient Jul 9, 2019

He did good, but he should be more careful handling my knee wich he did surgery on.:-)

OU Physicians Patient Jul 2, 2019

I'm always happy to recommend Dr Haleem to anyone looking for a foot doctor!!

OU Physicians Patient Jun 28, 2019

I think Dr. Haleem is wonderful!!

OU Physicians Patient May 28, 2019

I had an infection that came up after a surgery and it hurts. Doctor is trying antibiotics but doesn't help the pain

OU Physicians Patient May 28, 2019

Very thorough in his care. Very personable, polite and friendly.

OU Physicians Patient May 24, 2019

Dr. Haleem has identified my issues and made quick work of treating them to relieve my pain. I am so thankful.

OU Physicians Patient May 24, 2019

He listen and told me more information about my issue.

OU Physicians Patient May 24, 2019

Glad that I was referred to Dr Haleem. I recommend him to my friends that have foot or ankle issues.

OU Physicians Patient May 21, 2019

Excellent service and diagnosis.. knowledgable and informative..will recommend to all

OU Physicians Patient May 14, 2019

He is not only an excellent Doctor but a caring person. Really, he made me understand what the problem is and the first day I already feel better. Just want to say thank you for having real doctors like Dr Amgad

OU Physicians Patient May 14, 2019

I was seen by Dr Haleem and his resident they were very kind and professional. Dr Haleem is a very personable physicion.

OU Physicians Patient May 7, 2019

Very thorough examination and explanation of available treatments. Very personable and I felt confident I have enough info on my condition.

OU Physicians Patient May 7, 2019

Dr Haleem was very attentive, knowledgeable and informative. Took time explaining what my problem was and how to correct it.

OU Physicians Patient May 7, 2019

Dr. Haleem had treated me when I was having problems with my ankle and feet . It was great news to me when I found out he could also treat problems with knees, hips etc.

OU Physicians Patient May 2, 2019

Very warm and personable

OU Physicians Patient Apr 30, 2019

Dr Haleem is such a kind, professional doctor.

OU Physicians Patient Apr 9, 2019

Dr. Haleem has always been very attentive to my questions, concerns and needs.

OU Physicians Patient Apr 9, 2019

Dr Haleem is the best!! I have referred several of my friends to him. I asked him to refer me to a back doctor for other problems I have. I knew I could trust him for a good reference.

OU Physicians Patient Apr 4, 2019

He made me feel at ease about everything I was worried about. He understood where I'm trying to end up as far as treatment surgery or otherwise and he listen to all my cares and concerns

OU Physicians Patient Apr 4, 2019

My first visit with him but my husband had seen him before. We both really like him and everyone else there too.

OU Physicians Patient Apr 2, 2019

Everything was just right.

OU Physicians Patient Apr 2, 2019

Very nice man! Listens carefully to questions or concerns. Would recommend him to anyone with a foot problem.

OU Physicians Patient Mar 27, 2019

He performed my knee surgery several months ago. He has always been very personable and is legitimately concerned about my needs as a patient.

OU Physicians Patient Mar 26, 2019

He is a great Doctor and friend.

OU Physicians Patient Mar 12, 2019

great physician, very professional and caring.

OU Physicians Patient Mar 7, 2019

very kind. Took time to listen and ask questions.

OU Physicians Patient Feb 26, 2019

Great care for patients. Thank you.

OU Physicians Patient Feb 12, 2019

He saved my husbands foot with numerous surgeries. I trust him fully!

OU Physicians Patient Feb 12, 2019

Very knowledgeable

OU Physicians Patient Feb 12, 2019

Dr. Haleem is head and shoulders above the rheumatologist I had been seeing. For the first time in almost a decade a doctor has listened to me and has me on a course of treatment that not only ended my opiate prescription AND eased my pain, but also seems to be correcting the underlying condition! Yes, I HAVE recommended him to family and friends with related problems.

OU Physicians Patient Nov 29, 2018

No medications were given.

OU Physicians Patient Nov 13, 2018

Dr. Haleem is kind and very informative. He listens carefully. He is an awesome physician.

OU Physicians Patient Oct 23, 2018

Prescription for metatarsal pads was refused by OU . They said Dr. Harlem is prescribing this in error. I called his office Tuesday, Oct 2, and was promised a return call. To date, Oct 5, my call has not been returned, my issue not addressed.

OU Physicians Patient Sep 26, 2018

the only reasons I would hesitate to recommend is the wait times and difficult scheduling

OU Physicians Patient Sep 6, 2018

Dr. Haleems teaching method for the Resident was great. i felt completely confident in allowing the Resident to complete one of my injections.

OU Physicians Patient Jul 19, 2018

Dr. Haleem was friendly, thorough and did not rush the appointment!

OU Physicians Patient May 22, 2018

He's an exceptional physician

OU Physicians Patient May 15, 2018

Very easy to get in to see him when I need to.

OU Physicians Patient May 3, 2018


OU Physicians Patient May 1, 2018

professional and explicit.

OU Physicians Patient May 1, 2018

Dr Haleem has an excellent bedside manner. He treats me with great respect. He seems very knowledgeable. I feel extremely confident in Dr Haleem's medical expertise and the treatments he provides for me.

OU Physicians Patient Apr 10, 2018

Very impressed with this physician!!!! He was referred to me by my original trauma surgeon, Dr. R. Thakral, whom I greatly respect and admire, so anticipated an equally exceptional physician, which Dr. Amin is. Again, as a nurse, I have high standards and expectations, which both physicians easily meet.

OU Physicians Patient Mar 29, 2018

The surgery preformed by Dr. Haleem was excellent. I an very happy with the care of the medical staff.

OU Physicians Patient Feb 23, 2018

I would definitely refer to Dr. Haleem. He was very informed, attentive, and caring. I highly recommend!

OU Physicians Patient Feb 13, 2018

Dr. Haleem explained what was need in foot surgery, explained the process of healing and did a marvelous in fixing the foot.. Thanks so much.

OU Physicians Patient Jan 12, 2018

Dr. Haleem is an exceptional surgeon. definitely will recommend.

OU Physicians Patient Dec 14, 2017

again, our experience was excellent with the doctor the wait was disrespectful of our time. we sure didn't plan on spending over three hours at the office.

OU Physicians Patient Nov 30, 2017

Dr. haleem was very rude and inconsiderate. He would not listen to me at all when I tryed to explain how my toe felt. at one point, he said, "I was just trying to prove I was smarter then him" when I was just trying to tell him how my toe felt because he kept saying there was nothing wrong with my toe. after he finally started to mess with my toe and try to figure out what might be the problem, he said it might be a stress fracture walked out without explaining exactly what I needed to do and had a nurse bring me a boot. it seemed to me that he was more worried about proving how smart he is instead of actually listening and trying to help me. I have been going to OU med for 3 years now over a leg and foot injury, and this is the only dr that has been a problem to me through the process every other person from OU med has been amazing and helpful except him

OU Physicians Patient Nov 21, 2017

I have recommended Dr. Haleem to several of my friends and they all think he is excellent.

OU Physicians Patient Nov 16, 2017

Dr. Haleem is a very well spoken doctor that uses terms that I was able to understand. He was very polite and spent ample amount of time with me explaining my injury and explaining the mri results.

OU Physicians Patient Sep 28, 2017

Loved Dr Haleem. My surgery and recovery went perfectly. I'm completely healed and back to doing all the things I did before my injury. I feel like the injury never happened, that's how good I feel! I would very highly recommend Dr. Haleem!

OU Physicians Patient Sep 26, 2017

Very professional as was his PA and nurse. My only issue was the xray tech.

OU Physicians Patient Sep 22, 2017

Dr. Haleem is extraordinary in his explanations, thoroughness, knowledge, and advice. He is very friendly and treated me with respect.

OU Physicians Patient Sep 19, 2017

I really appreciate the time he spent explaining everything about my condition.

OU Physicians Patient Sep 14, 2017

time was not the Providers friend the day that I was there- it was out of control

OU Physicians Patient Aug 29, 2017

Dr Amin is an excellent Doctor. He is very caring and personable. I have recommended him to others

OU Physicians Patient Aug 16, 2017

Dr Hakeem did a good job explaining my diagnosis. He answered all my questions and took the time to thoroughly assess me. He was able to come up with goals and treatment plan right away. his resident was knowledgeable and helpful as well

OU Physicians Patient Aug 15, 2017

Dr. Haleem is brilliant and has an amazing manner about him - inspires confidence and believe he truly cares.

OU Physicians Patient Aug 3, 2017

words fail. beyond kind.

OU Physicians Patient Jun 13, 2017

Dr. Haleem was slammed the day of my appointment, but took all the time needed to discuss my foot arthritis, its condition, and the prognosis. He is remarkable with injections into my foot joints, extremely considerate, and explanatory of what is happening.

OU Physicians Patient May 18, 2017

Nurse applied a metatarsal band pad to each foot. One of the metatarsal bands unattached from its pad and I could not get it back through the slit in the pad. Also the bands themselves rubbed sores on the top of both feet. This happened about 1.5 - 2 hours after I left the medical office.

OU Physicians Patient Mar 29, 2017

Dr. Amin is one of the best Doctors I have been to. He is skilled and thoughtful and I would highly recommend him

OU Physicians Patient Mar 15, 2017

The Dr correctly diagnosed the problems I was having with my foot (3 other Doctors did not). He also shared information concerning options which I was not aware of. In addition he is very personable. For these reasons I have decided this Dr is the best Doctor for me

OU Physicians Patient Jan 18, 2017

I have recommended Dr. Amgad Haleem to several people already and they all love him.

OU Physicians Patient Jan 10, 2017

Doctor Haleeme is an excellent doctor. He is always professional, kind, caring, friendly, and very informative about my condition.

OU Physicians Patient Jan 3, 2017

This was my first appointment with Dr. Amin and I was very impressed with his professionalism and personal skills

OU Physicians Patient Dec 7, 2016

I have referred Dr. Haleem to three of my friends and they all think he is do I.

OU Physicians Patient Dec 1, 2016

Confidence and likelihood of returning are questionable after unanswered phone calls.

OU Physicians Patient Oct 5, 2016

I have recommended Dr. Haleem to several friends who have all had great experiences with him.

OU Physicians Patient Sep 13, 2016

Even though the Dr was way behind schedule he did not rush thru my visit and he explained everything to my satisfaction.

OU Physicians Patient Jul 22, 2016

Dr. Haleem is exceptional.

OU Physicians Patient Jun 30, 2016

Treated like a number. I doubt he would have treated me like a family member. I felt like he was thinking how much money he could make off of me.

OU Physicians Patient Apr 22, 2016

Dr. Haleem and his resident are awe inspiring. I have never had a specialist that cared.

OU Physicians Patient Apr 19, 2016

I have been very pleased with Dr. Haleem.

OU Physicians Patient Mar 29, 2016

Everyone worked in (basically) good and cooperative fashion. However, as I stated earlier, we were not advised as to the problem that caused him to be 30 - 45 minutes late for our appointment!

OU Physicians Patient Mar 29, 2016

Dr Haleem and his resident were amazing. I have never had a provider that cared so much. He was great and amazing. Thank you for that care

OU Physicians Patient Mar 8, 2016


OU Physicians Patient Mar 8, 2016

Dr. Haleem was friendly, knowledgeable, and thorough. He answered all of my questions and took time to go over my MRI and X-Rays with me in detail. He explained a plan of care and took time to explain why he was recommending that certain plan of care, and what he hoped the outcome to be. I was really happy with his care and my appointment. Great first experience with OU Physicians.

OU Physicians Patient Jan 28, 2016

Dr. Haleem was excellent. He is very thorough, professional, concerned and caring. We are impressed with him.

OU Physicians Patient Jan 8, 2016

Haleem left it to the awful med assistant to put the boot on me and show me how to walk. There was a miscommunication. Haleem wanted me to limp in the boot instead of walking. The med assistant was kind enough to get him so we could clear up how I was supposed to "walk" in the boot.

OU Physicians Patient Dec 29, 2015

Doctor Haleem was very professional, caring, informative, and through.

OU Physicians Patient Dec 8, 2015